Neuro-Emotional Transformation: Claudia Vece’s Bestselling Book on How to Transform Your Reality

 For all those people who wish to increase their potential and give the best of themselves in every area of their life, Claudia Vece’s book, “Neuro-Emotional Transformation. How Neuro-Emotional Education Enables You to Enrich and Empower Your Thoughts and Emotions to Transform Your Reality!” (Bruno Editore) comes out today. Inside, the author shares the very same information with her readers that will enable them to understand and apply internal strategies in order to implement those changes that are useful for improving their lives through the transformation of thoughts and emotions.

“In 236 pages, the book engages the reader on an inner journey to discover how thoughts and emotions can be used to their advantage to improve their reality,” says Claudia Vece, the book’s author. “Chapter after chapter, I accompany the reader through a process of understanding their potential. In addition, I help them weaken those limiting beliefs that keep them from expressing their personal potential. Finally, I explain what Neuro-Emotional Education is and how to integrate internal strategies to transform and improve their life.”

According to Claudia Vece, if the reader immediately puts into practice the teachings shared throughout the book, they will be able to truly acquire greater wellbeing and fully experience their own happiness. After all, Neuro-Emotional Education is a practical and multidisciplinary teaching that enables people to implement internal changes that enhance and facilitate the creation of their own life and wellbeing.

“With her book, the author aims to explain to her readers how to improve their lives through the participants that affect the construction of their personal reality,” urges Giacomo Bruno, the book’s publisher, “Inside, there are in fact really effective Neuro-Emotional Education strategies, which enable you to improve and head quickly towards your goals.”

“The reason I chose Bruno Editore is because of the fact that we are talking about an innovative publishing house in the publishing field, capable of giving the author online visibility,” concludes the author. “Its team gave me the support I needed to accomplish the not so simple task of publishing my first book.”

The book is available on Amazon at:

Claudia Vece, entrepreneur and Coach, expert in Cybernetic Science and Neuro-Emotional Coaching, was the manager of the most important modelling agency in Paris. Throughout the course of her career, she has specialized in human development and enhancement, founding her company Quantasia SA in 2017, to support people and companies in transforming their own reality into success. Her coaching and training courses have a practical and transformative approach based on the principles of neuroscience and quantum physics. Claudia works internationally, in Portugal she managed the Social and Emotional Learning training of over three hundred teachers in the field of school reform. Website:

Giacomo Bruno, born in 1977, electrical engineer, was named by the press “the father of ebooks” for having brought ebooks to Italy in 2002 with his publishing house Bruno Editore, 9 years before Amazon and other publishers. He is the author of 27 bestsellers on personal growth and the publisher of 600 books on the topics of personal and professional development. He is considered the best-known Italian “book influencer” because every book he promotes or publishes becomes a No. 1 Bestseller on Amazon in just a few hours. He is followed by TV, the news and the national press.

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