The Cause of Nearsightedness is Explained for the First Time; Work at MIT and Multivision Research Leads to Dr. Medina’s Conclusion That Lenses Are the Cause of Myopia

 The mystery of myopia development and progression is revealed in the article: “The cause of myopia development and progression” published in Survey of Ophthalmology. It reports in clear terms, based on clinical evidence and sound theory, how myopia is produced, establishing that myopia is caused by negative lenses.

The article demonstrates mathematically how a myopic depression is created by negative lenses as soon as myopia is corrected with those lenses. Once the fall in the myopic depression starts it is very difficult to escape it. The fall in the depression is steady and at a constant rate unless certain action is taken.

It explains how a kind of never-considered negative lenses causes myopia when using modern devices like smart phones at very close distances. The article makes the connection based on the principle of equivalence of near vision and negative lenses. It suggests, with compelling evidence, that sustained near vision is the cause of the myopia epidemic of modern times affecting the whole world and Asia in particular.

The article proposes several ways to fight myopia and to prevent it. Some of them have been tried with children successfully showing the validity, effectiveness, and power of the described theory.

This large study was conducted by Dr. Antonio Medina of MIT over many years. Multivision Research supported in part this work.

The full article can also be reached using the link below:

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