Nacach Wax Releases Pure Pink Hard Wax

 Nacach Wax, a leader in the beauty industry, is pleased to announce the release of their new product, Pure Pink Hard Wax, designed to complement their well-regarded Pure Pink Hypoallergenic Soft Waxes collection. Pure Pink Hard Wax is formulated to target especially coarse and hard-to-remove hair. While appropriate for hair removal on the entire body, it is gentle enough to use both on the face and other sensitive areas. And, it is composed of the highest quality ingredients including a blend of hypoallergenic resins, all-natural beeswax, and titanium dioxide.

Designed for customer comfort, this wax has a low temperature at the body contact point and a pleasant, but mild scent. These hard wax beads are packaged in 2.5-pound buckets and volume discounts (for 3 buckets or more) are available, making it appropriate for professional aestheticians. For best results, this product must be applied in patches must thinner than traditional hard waxes.

Other Nacach well-regarded hard wax products include Rice Cream Hard Wax and Pomegranate Hard Wax. Both our Pomegranate Hard Wax and Rice Cream wax are ideal for multidirectional hair removal. It can be applied in long strips and is fortified with zinc oxide to soothe the skin. Pomegranate Hard Wax, which dries in less than 10 seconds (and is also appropriate for multidirectional hair removal), is enriched with pomegranate oil and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties making it both soothing and regenerative. It is appropriate for large areas of the body and Colophonium free. Additionally, both products are hypoallergenic guaranteed.

Founded in 1987 in Argentina and established in 1998 in the United States, this family-owned and operated company has partnered with its sole Italian manufacturer since 2018. The ability to leverage this company’s almost 50 years of experience in the hair removal industry and unmatched knowledge, has benefited their clients considerably. Additionally, because they work with only one producer, all batches are of uniform quality.

Nacach has become an industry leader as a result of the quality of the wax they produce and distribute. With a focus solely on hair removal products, Nacach Wax thoughtfully develops new products to meet the needs of their clients: salons, spas, and estheticians. Their line includes hard, soft, and roll-on wax, sugar paste, and a host of accessories including wax warmers and wax removal kits. Basically, they offer everything a professional needs to provide their clients with excellent service.


Marcos Nacach




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