MoonPirate is the first governance token designed and developed for crypto liquor

London, UK, 17 May 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The cryptocurrency marketplace may have existed for over 12 years now, but none of the over 1,500 tokens in circulation facilitate alcohol drinks and rums to crypto enthusiasts.

In a bid to deliver quality crypto liquor to the crypto community, the team at MoonPirate is pleased to announce its token to the crypto community. MoonPirate is the first governance token designed and developed for crypto liquor. That means holders will have power to decide on flavors of alcohol, types of alcohol to sell, and in what locations.

MoonPirate so far is partnering with Get-Nok in the US to distribute their own brand of coconut rum, as well as Catchment in Australia to distribute a MoonPirate pale ale. It is important to note that investing in MoonPirate the token does not mean you are directly investing into the alcohol businesses, but rather the licensed distributors are collaborating with the MoonPirate team to make special brands of alcohol to spread the word of the token itself. MoonPirate also works out weekly live AMAs on twitch with the dev. and admins of the project.

$MoonPirate Token

MoonPirate has a utility token with the symbol MoonPirate. Holders of this token will benefit greatly from the MoonPirate protocol, including getting discounts and voting on different upcoming projects. The token can be used to pay for goods and services on the MoonPirate network. Users can also use the token to pay for fees during transactions.

The team at MoonPirate plans to launch a native token with the symbol “RUM.” The token will run concurrently with the $MoonPirate. Both tokens will permit farming, staking, and pooling using MoonPirates Dex PirateSwap. PirateSwap is live and available to trade MoonPirate.

$MoonPirate Tokenomics

For every transaction completed there is a 4% tax that is charged which is split between the holders and MoonPitrates liquidity. A complete breakdown of MoonPirates tax is as follows

  • 0.8% of the transaction total gets burned forever
  • 2% goes straight back into liquidity
  • 2% goes back to the holders

Benefits Of Holding MoonPirate Tokens

The following are some of the benefits of holding MoonPirate tokens:

  • Token holders will have the opportunity to vote and be voted for when it comes to deciding how to run the project.
  • Token holders will also be able purchase limited alcohol releases (labels, type of alcohol, ingredients, and bottles).
  • Token holders will be able to join different competitions to win liquor-related products.
  • When purchasing alcohol, token holders will receive a discount.

MoonPirate will soon launch its governance portal which will allow those stakeholders to have their voices heard for key voting items. Only MoonPirate holders will be allowed to vote on the MoonPirate governance platform.

How To Purchase $MoonPirate

The process of purchasing the MoonPirate token is simple and straightforward. To get the token, head over to or any of the available decentralized Bsc swap platforms. Once you get on any of the platforms, follow through with the instructions and you are good to go.

About MoonPirate

MoonPirate is a first-of-its-kind token that is associated with rum. It is based on the Binance Smart Chain and collaborates with real distilleries to produce alcohol for crypto enthusiasts. MoonPirate currently collaborates with Get Nok LLC to realize the project’s vision of ensuring there are enough alcoholic beverages for all token holders.

The responsibility of producing, marketing, or selling alcohol or liquor is strictly that of Get Nok LLC. MoonPirate will not be seeking a license to either produce or market alcohol or liquor. MoonPirate is currently only available on PancakeSwap or PirateSwap. MoonPirate will soon be listed on numerous exchanges.  MoonPirate can be found on CoinGecko, Blockfolio, Stocktwits and Delta

MoonPirate parades a team that is competent in blockchain technology, digital marketing, and Fintech in general. The team knows how to leverage blockchain technology to reward members of its community.

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