IHC nets a Mongolian slam dunk with the brand-new Apes

Inflation Hedging Coin (IHC), the dynamic cryptocurrency shaking up the world of decentralized finance in Mongolia, is now scoring points on the basketball court. IHC has announced full sponsorship of a brand-new premier league team, the IHC Apes, comprising top domestic players including Tserenbaatar Enkhtaivan and Bolortulga Purevjav, two of the leagues’ most expensive signings. Other players won at least a bronze medal from the Mongolian Basketball Association, which is considered the Mongolian premier league. The IHC team is also considering hiring international players. The move will delight legions of basketball-hungry fans and bring them closer to the IHC crypto-tribe, the many thousands of investors in the fledgling crypto-asset who are united in a philosophy that seeks to place financial agency in their own hands – and the ball in their own court.

Head coach Sedbazar Shinen, a 20-year veteran of the Mongolian leagues, has won MVP, and several best player awards who is highly experienced with over a hundred international competitions as both player and coach representing the country. He is brimming with optimism and believes that he and his four new coaching assistants will soon channel the skills and passion of their domestic and international charges into a formidable unit. Like the crypto-coin whose insignia the players will wear, Mr. Sedbazar has ambitions beyond his country’s borders. “We will become the champions of the Mongolian league in the coming year,” he predicts, “and may become one of the leading teams in Asia in the further future”.

The founders of IHC also have big plans for the team, but also focused on community development, sports education, outreach programs, and charity work, with a guiding motto of “equality for everyone.” This means the establishment of basketball training courses in public schools, basketball competitions in rural districts, and open teams for public participation. This will allow children to play with the team members, inspiring and fulfilling the dreams of many sports-mad youngsters. Twice a year, charity campaigns will also be organized to help children in remote areas who are unable to practice basketball. These activities will drive youth development and the discovery and nurturing of the future stars of Mongolian basketball. This team is giving young people a license to dream, and soon perhaps, the opportunities to make those dreams come true.