Motul Moments: The Highlights of the Year 2021

2021 was, if nothing else, a weird year in the world of motorsport. Nevertheless, this year proved to be one for the history books for Motul and its partners, with several new partnerships and many glorious victories. These are the Motul teams favourite moments of the year.Romain Grabowski, head of brand, Motul

The best memory for me was our participation in the 24 Hours of Le Mans with the Glickenhaus team. In advance, when we signed the collaboration between both companies in spring, most people didn’t give the team a lot of chances to even finish this tough 24-hour endurance race. This was competition at the highest level with a completely new car and team. From our side we have a lot to offer. We have earned our stripes in endurance racing, and we are committed to performance and technology and the preparation of the cars, the choice of drivers and we had our media support team in place. At a certain moment we felt like all the lights were green and that we had a very nice project going. Besides the nice, human side of this story with Jim and Jesse Glickenhaus, the racing results proved our gut feeling was right. The team performed well during the 24 Hours of Le Mans, and overnight they fought the Alpine team for a long time for a third podium spot. Both cars reached the finish line without any major problems. Which, for a first participation at this level of racing, is an accomplishment on its own. We think this is a good partnership and a good story for both brands, and we’re looking forward to the future.

Egor Parienko, head of business, PCMO

The highlight of the year for me was the launch of the newest generation of our flagship 300V range at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. On the professional side, this event was a culmination of over 20 months of work by a very dedicated team of colleagues across the world. Despite lockdowns and remote work, raw material shortages and even the postponement of the race itself, we persevered and presented the fully revamped 300V in full strength: a lubricant with the widest range of viscosities on the market, innovative chemistry, higher performance, and applicable to the broadest fleet of cars. On a more personal side, I really cherished the opportunity to finally meet colleagues in person, to spend some time together, to be energised by the camaraderie and teamwork, as well as a chance to enjoy the event with a group of people who really love what they are doing.

Anton Malyshev, head of business, Powersport

One of the best memories I’ve experienced this year was in the Ural region, home of the Ural Motorcycle factory in Russia. I travelled with two friends on our Ural sidecars, simply with our gear and sleeping tents. We lived a perfect experience as we had had our photographer with us, who is preparing a video which will be released in January. The video will be about the preparation and how to run-in your Ural motorcycle properly, riding this tough 1,500 km trip through the wild off-road terrain of the Dyatlov pass. We drove all the way up north to Solikamsk, and then returned. I travelled with two friends, our photographer Bartek who was stranded in Russia after the shooting of the Silk Way Rally and Dmitry Khitrov who organises the Baikal Mile. On the road back, we found a strange place where people say they observed a lot of paranormal activity, including aliens. For us it was an interesting place at the end of our adventure trip, and we will include it in the video. At the end of our trip, we only needed to replace the oil in the Ural engines, so basically that shows how to properly run-in your Ural engine [laughs]. Secondly, being at the EICMA show in Italy, we noticed the travel and off-road trend by the presence of a lot of adventure models. For me it shows, people don’t longer want to be in confinement anymore, and they prefer to discover the world.

Raf Hectors, editorial director, Motul Media Crew

Once again, a lot of events had to be organised without an audience, which is a real pity for the sport, the athletes and the organisers. The Endurance World Championship victory of the Suzuki Yoshimura SERT team was one for the history books, though. For me, the success of this partnership was written in the stars, as I’ve been following all these brands for decades now. Suzuki always had a winning engine and frame. If you add the Yoshimura performance and the lubrication by Motul, plus a team filled with experience both in engineering and support, they simply had to win the championship. Last but not least, let’s not forget the drivers who made all this happen. The fact one of the pilots is Belgian makes it even better for me. I still remember Xavier Siméon started karting at his early age; nice to see such an evolution!

Moments Global – Aim for changing the dynamics of Blockchain Technology

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, 12 May 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The cryptocurrency marketplace is one of the largest financial markets in the world. The evolution of blockchain technology allows investors and crypto enthusiasts to trade cryptocurrencies, farm, and lend tokens to earn a decent profit. At the center of this is Moments Global, a project designed to create different variations of blockchain.

At its core, Moments Global allows developers to build applications using MMC Chain’s foundation. With its decentralized marketplace, users can build payment apps and participate in loans and savings schemes.

Different Products Developed By Moments

To achieve the aim of creating a separate blockchain for members of the MMC Chain community, the team at Moments created a number of project, including the following:

MMC Utility Token

The MMC token is a utility token that users can use to buy goods and services on the Moments protocol. Users can also use the MMC token to pay transaction fees when making cross-border payments. In general, the token was issued to drive the operations of the company.


MMC DEX is a decentralized exchange where traders can buy and sell different cryptocurrencies, including the MMC token. Traders can also participate in derivatives trading on MMC DEX.

MMC Investments

Moments has investment schemes where members of the MMC Chain community can invest their hard-earned money to make passive income and achieve their income projections.

About Moments

Moments is a leading global financial group offering various financial services to a wide range of clients. Moments allows crypto enthusiasts to build decentralized applications, trade and make payments in cryptocurrencies, and lend money from other people on the network. It also provides crypto derivative services to its clients spread across 42 nations of the world.

The team at Moments has one clear mission – to develop a separate blockchain that allows developers to develop applications using MMC Chain’s foundation. Moments leverages blockchain technology to bring decentralized finance to their MMC Chain community. Members of the community will be rewarded for their active participation in the project. Moments parades a team of technocrats who have vast experience in blockchain development, marketing, supply chain, and digital marketing. Since the inception of the company, it has initiated and completed more than 280 projects.

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Moments – Introduces Several Versions Of Blockchain Technology

Moments, an open-source third-generation blockchain ecosystem, is leveraging blockchain and AI technologies’ power to “build the world’s most comprehensive decentralized financial market, create a complete DeFi ecosystem: loans, savings, payment apps, automated accounting system,” among others. The goal is to create a future where decentralized financial products are the order of the day.

Operating in 42 countries with over 12 years of industry experience, Moments has completed 280 projects with over $25 million in investment. The company understands AI and blockchain technologies’ transformational power and is leveraging the ability to influence the future.

Moment Factory Ten Limited launched Moments to address international enthusiasts’ needs in some Asian countries such as Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Moments’ strengths lie in its several versions of blockchain technology. And they are as follow:

Blockchain 1.0, in imitation of Bitcoin technology, allows users to store and exchange digital assets safely and securely.

Blockchain 2.0, promotes the Smart contract, a concept that allows users to conduct online transactions without a third party’s input.

Blockchain 3.0, leverages the two previous blockchain versions’ powers to create the decentralized applications (dApps). These applications make transactions possible and eliminate the bottlenecks usually associated with involving intermediaries in transactions.

Finally the MMC concept. The previous generations’ powers are combined with new technologies and refined algorithms to create Decentralized Finance (DeFi). Moments’ goal is to incorporate decentralized financial products into the finance sector in the future. It thus creates a DeFi ecosystem that performs the following operations: payment application, loan, automatic accounting system, and savings.

The Products

Moments has created some products to help it achieve its goals. Some of its products are:

MMC Utility Token: Moments also created a utility token, the MMC token. Moment Factory Ten Limited, Moments’ parent company, issues this token to support the entire Moments’ operations.

MMC DEX: The MMC DEX is a peer-to-peer exchange where users can trade MMC, stablecoins, and other crypto assets. It offers crypto derivatives too.

MMC Investments: Moments offers investment packages. Through these packages, users can purchase MMC Coin on the platform’s MMC DEX. Coin owners can earn bonuses and dividends from any of the company’s investment packages.

Own Dapps on MMC Chain: Blockchain investors and developers without software experience and expertise to own decentralized applications and Application tokens powered by MMC chain by contributing meaningful ideas to the chain. The program also allows the community to list Tokens on MMC DEX at no cost. It provides a platform and toolset for building DeFi products on its MMC Chain. Through the MMC Games feature, it encourages and supports people with ideas and expertise to contribute and build Game Dapps on MMC Chain.

By taking advantage of modern technologies, Moments is creating a future driven by blockchain and AI technologies while opening doors of opportunities for investors to benefit from the potential impact of such technologies in the future.

About Moments

Moments is an open source third-generation blockchain ecosystem for buying, selling, or making payments with cryptocurrencies, building decentralized applications (Dapps) and providing crypto derivative and lending services.

With goal is to bring the ultimate DeFi experience to our MMC Chain community by combining and applying the strengths of blockchain technology such as crypto assets security, transparency, privacy, p2p exchange services and smart contracts.

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