“Mob Deep,” a true-crime memoir by Benjamin Holmes, will be displayed at the LA Times Festival of Books 2022

The author was an auto repairman who faked his own death due to threats against him by the mob and crooked cops and evaded detection for many years.

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Catch the book display for “Mob Deep” by Benjamin Holmes at the LA Times Festival of Books 2022.

The memoir “Mob Deep” (Newman Springs; 2019) by Benjamin Holmes will be displayed by self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnet at their exhibit at booth 208 for the 2022 LA Times Festival of Books on April 23-24, 2022, at the USC Campus, Los Angeles.

Benjamin Holmes’ story in his memoir “Mob Deep” should be shared with a voice of appreciation, humor, and astonishment, all the while wondering how he was able to evade detection by the mob and crooked policemen for twenty years.

The author was an engineer who built customized mufflers for use by professional racing cars when he was approached by a few mobsters and their crooked policemen who pressured him to build gun silencers. After refusing them, his home was firebombed, and he suffered sixty percent burns.

Holmes was falsely charged by the crooked police with burning down his home to collect insurance money, plus other crimes that he did not commit. Threatened with death, he had no choice but to fake his own death. Holmes was on the run for twenty years until his wife shot him several times over another man she had secretly married.

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“Mob Deep”

Author | Benjamin Holmes

Published date | January 2019

Publisher | Newman Springs

Book retail price | $18.56

Author Bio

Benjamin Robert Holmes, Jr. was born on December 11, 1951, and is a lifetime resident of Youngstown, Ohio, also known as “Mobtown, U.S.A.” He is most known as the innocent man in the long-running and highly successful Discovery Channel series, “I Faked My Own Death.” In that series, he is approached by mobsters and their crooked policemen to build silencers for them. After refusing, his home was firebombed, with him in it. Suffering sixty percent burns, he was charged by the crooked police with burning down his home to collect insurance money.

After recording the crooked cops admitting that all his troubles were because he wouldn’t “play ball,” he faked his death for twenty years until they were all dead or locked up. His wife shot him in his sleep after sex. She had secretly married someone else, and the new husband wanted to move in, knowing that Ben was living there for years.

Tape recordings Ben had made over the twenty years on the run cleared him of the crooked policemen’s charges, exposed seventy public officials’ connection to the mob, and revealed his wife’s plot to eliminate him.

More amazing than his twenty years on the run, using various identities, is the fact that he survived his wife’s gunshots by plugging the bullet holes with his fingers until he got to the hospital.