Filmmaker Ayushi Anand & Vishal Yoman Brings the Real Side of Mirzapur via “Mirzapur Official”

 All of the fans of the “Mirzapur” web series are unaware of the true nature of the city. Throughout the series, we all developed a mental image and scenario of a city filled with day-to-day crime. But it’s more than that; the city has produced a slew of leaders, actors, and well-known public figures from other fields, which few people are aware of distinguishing between the reel and real Mirzapur, Indian film directors Vishal Yoman and Ayushi Anand launched “Mirzapur Official,” a dedicated platform giving insights into the city from breaking to infotainment.

What started with a Facebook community page now has more than 200k followers which include people from all around the country. Mirzapur Official delivers reliable and accurate information as well as solutions. Since its beginning, they have addressed a variety of issues and launched several campaigns that have been favorably appreciated by the public and recognized by the government. They are continuously running campaigns and coming up with innovative ways to make the most of the platform.

Being Bollywood fanatics, both the founders have decided to launch their new platform “Cinemchi,” under the label Kalpanik Films. The name of the portal describes itself, it is a platform for all the people out there who have immense love for cinema. The portal will be dedicated to all the Bollywood news & gossip apart from that it is an initiative to bring regional cinema into the picture. At the times when mainstream Bollywood is part of our daily conversation, we often forget to talk about regional cinemas where many films have been nominated for Oscar. Keeping all the factors the platform will be live soon and people can get a daily dose of entertainment from “Cinemchi.”

Being associated with the Bollywood industry, Vishal Yoman and Ayushi Anand have worked on various projects that have gained a positive response from the audience. Working as a team they have done projects like music videos, “Tera Ghata,” “Mera Jahan,” “Holi Mein Rangeele,” “Bollywood Wala Dance” with the labels T-Series, SKF, The Satish Kaushik Entertainment, Zee Music, Gaana, Tips, Pen, Venus & many more. Both business partners operate Kalpanik Films, a creative digital agency through which they have collaborated with several well-known B-town celebrities.

Mirzapur Official is owned by Kalpanik Films LLP and its journey started in September 2014 with a Facebook community page and over time they have a fan base of 2,00,000+ followers on Facebook while their monthly readership is more than 29 Million. Looking at their credibility 19,000 + members are joined on their Facebook group, 48000+ members on WhatsApp Group, and 16,000+ followers on Instagram.


Mirzapur Official

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