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Best Seller Publishing announces the release of Shiloh Jones’ new #1 international best-selling book, “Success is a Mindstate: The Struggle, Hustle, and Evolution of Shiloh Jones.” It will be available for free download in the Amazon Kindle Store for one more day, July 1st.

“Success is a Mindstate” is Shiloh Jones’s incredible tale of rising above his childhood in the Northside of Richmond, Virginia, the murder capital of America, during the crack epidemic. Saddled with a speech impediment, an untraditional family, and the wrong sneakers, he butted up against adversaries of all kinds. Ultimately, he thrived through using his smarts and employing street hustling tactics he acquired along the way to exceed expectations, support his family, build businesses, and amass considerable amounts of personal wealth.

Jones doesn’t shy away from looking hard at his own mistakes and recognizing the humanity of the pivotal players in his life, even those who caused him pain. His song lyrics add an emotional layer and poignancy to his authentic and humorous voice.

This book is for readers who want to grow beyond their current situation and alter their life’s path by transforming their own challenges into opportunities for growth.

“Success is a Mindstate” by Shiloh Jones will be free and available for download on Amazon for one more day (07/01/2022) at: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B3BYR17M

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About the author:

Shiloh Jones is a multi-entrepreneur, who has lived what some may call the rags to riches story. But what is different here is that he had every odd stacked against him, growing up in poverty, low income, drug-infested background, and turned all that into a positive. today, he leads a very positive lifestyle, gives back to the same community he grew up in, leads over 100 people within his organizations, and own several businesses. He has several different services, but the true product he pushes is helping to make people better, and he takes great pleasure and passion in doing so. He believes that assisting people in breaking the barriers within themselves, is the best way to give back.