Mid-State Group Offers At-Home Virtual PT for Injured Workers

 The at-home support an injured worker receives often determines how well—and how soon—the employee recovers and can return to work. That’s why The Mid-State Group is pleased to announce Plethy RecupeTM physical therapy virtual care solution as a new facet of its High-Performance Network (HPN).

Plethy Recupe provides online home-based Musculoskeletal (MSK) care for injured workers, enabling accelerated return to work. Recupe guides the injured worker through easy-to-follow PT exercises aligned with provider treatment plans.

Mid-State formed the HPN several years ago as a fast-track ramp for specialized healthcare services. The network includes both on-site and clinic-based kinesiology and physical therapy, radiology, medical specialists, surgery centers, lab diagnostics and pharmacies.

“All of our partners are carefully selected to provide high-quality care at lower costs to employees and employers,” said John Austin S. Basten, president of The Mid-State Group. With the addition of Recupe, Mid-State’s HPN can deliver physical therapy care at home for employees to accelerate their recovery,” he added.

“We know if an employee follows their prescribed care at home, we see quicker return to work, reduced temporary disability, and cost reduction,” said Basten. “We’re augmenting provider clinical care with virtual therapy throughout recovery. We’re thrilled to bring this solution to our customers to enhance their benefits and workers’ comp programs.”

“Recupe is an FDA-registered solution for all MSK pain and injuries, including pre/post-surgical, non-surgical, and preventative care for all major joints. Recupe includes an app, a wearable sensor, and a bilingual coach who works with the injured employee during recovery.”

Plethy believes in the right care at the right time. Recupe engages the injured worker and provides the care team with full visibility into recovery and potential risks to recovery, said Raja Sundaram, CEO of Plethy.

Recupe has a proven track record in healthcare with leading orthopedic groups, pain clinics, physical therapy group. “This personalized care leads to quicker intervention and sustainable cost savings for self-insured companies and carriers,” Sundaram noted. “Recupe looks at the whole individual and enables bio-psycho-social data-driven recovery.”

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Learn more about Plethy Recupe at www.plethy.com.

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