KPay serves more than 8,000 merchants in its first year of business

Established in Hong Kong at the end of 2020, fintech start-up KPay has broken the industry record among local comprehensive payment solution service providers in just one year by providing more than 8,000 local small and medium merchants with comprehensive and advanced offline payment and settlement services. With its business growing tremendously, the company has been invited to be one of the main sponsors of this year’s “Winter Wonderland” and to become the designated electronic payment provider for this large-scale event.
Smart POS terminals are widely used, allowing merchants to make smooth transactions
KPay supports a variety of payment methods, including scanning or displaying a QR Code, tapping or inserting a card, and contactless NFC. The payment services provided by KPay include terminals and settlement platforms, all of which have obtained the relevant certifications and are subject to the relevant regulatory authorities, including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, EMV certification, Visa payWave, Mastercard PayPass certification and UnionPay card acceptance terminal certification, enabling merchants and consumers to complete transactions with peace of mind.

In addition, the one-stop KPay smart POS terminal can receive up to 12 major payment channels, including Visa, Mastercard, UnionPay, JCB, AlipayHK, Alipay, WeChat Pay (Hong Kong and China Wallets), Cloud Quick Pass, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. It has been advancing alongside small and medium-sized merchants in the era of electronic payment, and provides a resolution to the cumbersome payment and settlement processes of the past with its professional and reliable services.

Moreover, the KPay smart POS terminal allows merchants to process transactions with a SIM card or indoor WIFI connection according to their needs. It, therefore, does not require a fixed location, so merchants can enjoy greater flexibility in their store layout and smoother payment experiences.

Business results outperform industry peers in less than a year in business
KPay currently has a broad customer base drawn from the catering, retail, medical and service industries. The company also has an accomplished and experienced customer service and sales team, providing customers with prompt and accurate local after-sales services, including installation, technical support and training, so that merchants can focus on business development and explore more business opportunities with peace of mind.

Mr. Daniel Cheung, Co-founder of KPay, said, “KPay’s electronic payment service was launched into the market less than a year ago. Since then, we have attracted more than 8,000 small and medium-sized enterprises and merchants by riding on the consumption fever sparked by the consumption voucher scheme. KPay understands the needs of customers for one-stop payment solutions. With a strong and solid product and business development team and technical support, diversified payment solutions, data security and efficient transaction management, KPay ensures that its customers payment collection process is smooth and easy, allowing them to achieve profit goals more effectively.”

Given its technological advantages, KPay has become one of the major sponsors of this year’s winter carnival in Hong Kong – “Winter Wonderland” (URL:, providing electronic payment services for the merchants and game booths participating in the event, so that visitors can use credit cards or e-wallets to play games and make purchases at the venue. KPay will also distribute event tickets through its Facebook page. For details, please visit

Explore new markets and develop more innovative and convenient trading functions
Looking ahead, KPay will continue to focus on serving the Hong Kong market while also realizing its potential in the Asia-Pacific region. Guided by the three principles of “Pay it Easy”, “Pay it Smart” and “Pay it Swift”, the company will develop and launch more online payment solutions and add more innovative functions that provide greater convenience to merchants. These will include diversified SaaS products such as catering pre-orders, inventory management software and membership management systems, with the overall aim of creating a quality business environment for all industries and business sizes.

About KPay
KPay is a financial technology (fintech) company focusing on integrated business solutions. It uses professional and innovative products to enhance the market competitiveness of medium, small and micro enterprises.

KPay’s business covers online and offline fintech services, including electronic payment platforms and products boasting high levels of customer loyalty. With a professional technical development team, the company strives to improve the functionality of merchants’ products based on their needs, so as to help maximize their profits. KPay keeps abreast of the market trends in various regions, and its experienced sales and after-sales teams respond quickly to provide merchants with appropriate business logistics support. Thus, medium, small and micro enterprises from all industries can realise smoother strategic operations and KPay can fulfill its vision of “building a mutually beneficial and complementary e-finance ecological environment”.

KPay Merchant Service Limited was established in July 2020 with headquarters in Hong Kong, China. It began to provide its services to the market at the beginning of 2021 and will gradually expand to major cities around the world.

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