Mentalab Explore

 Mentalab is a German neurotech startup with one mission: use modern technology to make real-time biomarkers accessible.

To do this, Mentalab has produced a powerful, flexible, and mobile ExG system: the Mentalab Explore.

Through smart, minimalistic design, Mentalab Explore can record EEG, ECG, EMG, and all other surface potentials whilst tracking its position motion in 9-axes. All this and the device weighs less than an ounce.

Explore samples up to 8 channels at 1kHz with 1uV noise, and records for up to 12 hours. The system is also fully modular. It comes with wet or dry EEG electrodes, disposable snap electrodes, caps in all sizes, and customizable cables. What is more, all Mentalab software is free and open-source.

Already, Mentalab Explore has plenty of happy customers praising its high data quality and user-friendly design. From brain-computer interfaces to neurorehabilitation and developmental neuroscience, Mentalab Explore is driving new developments across the scientific landscape.

Mentalab US LLC

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