New Memoir Offers Hope to Addicts and Loved Ones

 Addicted to heroin and unable to stop on his own, Brian Storm sits on the tracks waiting for a train to come and take his life. But things weren’t always this bad for Brian, an aspiring white rapper from Philadelphia who had a good upbringing. In Brian’s early teen years, he discovers that drugs and alcohol are the perfect solutions to his low self-esteem issues. Like most addicts and alcoholics, Brian believes he can stop at any time, so he doesn’t see any harm in continuing to drink and smoke weed. What he doesn’t know is that with every sip and every puff, he falls deeper into a world of crime and desperation.

“The Struggle” is a gripping true story that takes you through the life of an alcoholic/addict who hits rock bottom but quickly learns that the more he tries to dig himself out, the deeper that bottom gets. It takes a blessing in disguise for Brian to finally get the help he needs, but when he does, he learns that The Struggle is far from over.

Kirkus Reviews praised The Struggle by describing how “Storm’s spare, matter-of-fact storytelling style is mostly free of melodrama and personal mythmaking…A frank and affecting remembrance of personal struggle and triumph.” The Struggle was also selected as an editor’s pick by Booklife, stating “Writing with crisp clarity and power, plus an eye for the telling detail… This searing but wise account of addiction and recovery inspires as much as it harrows.”

Brian Storm grew up in Philadelphia, PA, where he discovered a passion for writing at an early age. However, a drug addiction took priority over Brian’s life, as he spent the next 15 years selling drugs to support his habit.

Eventually, Brian turned his life around with the help of a 12-step program, where he discovered a passion for helping other alcoholics and addicts. Years later, Brian pursued a career at the Free Library of Philadelphia and went back to school to obtain his Associate of Arts Degree.

“The Struggle: 10 Years Later” is available in hardback, paperback, E-book, and large print. An audiobook will be available later this year. Please visit for more info.

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Dale Arenson’s Memoir Captivates Readers & Participants at the NYLA 2022 Book Exhibition

Publisher | Dale Arenson Publishing LLD
Book Genre | Non-fiction Memior, Motorcycles, Travel, Route 66, Discovering America

Author Bio

Dale Arenson came from poverty and a broken home at an early age. With little education, the author fell into the dangerous life of a 1% outlaw biker in Southern California, with numerous run-ins with the law. But after years of hard work, Dale eventually became an airline pilot, world champion competition rifle shooter, and now a bestselling author.

Donn G. Ziebell, Ph.D.’s Memoir Gears Up for LibLearnX: The Library Learning Experience

Donn G. Ziebell, Ph.D. piques readers interest with his book that shares his challenges and experiences traveling in Russia.

San Diego, California – WEBWIRE

Catch Donn G. Ziebells book display at LibLearnX: The Library Learning Experience 2023.

The interesting memoir Gorky, Russia; First man in: Memoirs from being the first American allowed inside Russias closed exile city by Donn G. Ziebell, Ph.D., is ready to be displayed by ReadersMagnet at LibLearnX: The Library Learning Experience on January 2730, 2023, at the New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA.

Gorky, Russia; First man in tells the experiences of the author in Gorky, an exile city for political prisoners and closed to foreigners. The author, who had spent the previous 30 years working in corporate America and made a surprising decision to switch fields, was challenged by his new boss to write a business proposal to see if he could enter Russia. It so happened that several people in the organization were denied entry to Russia due to being on the KGBs blacklist.

After nine months of waiting, the author received a positive response. One of the three Russians who received the proposal was given the green light by the Moscow Ministry of Education and the KGB.

This memoir is packed with entertaining experiences with people who never had seen an American. Readers are kept interested by the authors vivid descriptions of the many unexpected events that occurred during his time in Russia. In spite of these developments, it was not until the following year that Gorky was made accessible to international visitors.

Get a copy of Donn G. Ziebells Gorky, Russia; First man in: Memoirs from being the first American allowed inside Russias closed exile city on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Gorky, Russia; First man in: Memoirs from being the first American allowed inside Russias closed exile city
Author | Donn G. Ziebell
Genre | Biographies & Memoirs
Publisher | Ziebell Associates, Incorporated
Published date | March 10, 2017

Donn Ziebells pursuit of doctoral studies with The Union Institute University, Cincinnati, Ohio, intersected simultaneously with receiving approvals from Moscows Russian Ministry of Education and the KGB to present business seminars in Russia. Delivering his first in a series of lectures in August 1990, the seminar program proceeded with his sending several U.S. instructors with specific disciplines into Russia to lecture on their business areas of expertise.

Their trip reports provided original research for writing a cross-cultural experiential doctoral dissertation to receive his Ph.D. degree. Previously, his B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering from the University of Missouri, Rolla, and an MBA degree with distinction from the University of New Haven, West Haven, Connecticut, expedited his earlier career in manufacturing and consulting roles within Fortune 500 corporations for thirty years, including five years in his own manufacturing consulting firm, Ziebell Associates, Inc.

His boyhood Midwest familys values included art, letter-writing, camping vacations, and storytelling. He started oil painting during college semester breaks. His paintings create visual stories further expanded by their titles and can be viewed on and 7×5 foot painting in the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library to illustrate a barter agreement with Mr. Millers wife; 400 Split Rails for One Yard of CLOTH.

Years later, he wrote a series of short stories about a fictional character that attracted a following within a community of people. They affirmed his writing as greatly entertaining, and they eagerly anticipated reading the next story in the series. These stories are now contained in his book Click-Click Klein, which stretches imagination beyond reality just for the fun of it.

This response gave affirmation to his enjoyment of writing. Donn G. Ziebell, Ph.D., has authored three non-fiction published books of memoirs. My Letters to a PrisonerI had not met is a collection of 117 letters written to a prisoner about a wide range of personal experiences. Conceal Carry; Pause provides his insider findings about training as he learns about being an armed citizen for self-defense.

It is a great introductory book about obtaining a license to carry a concealed gun in public. His third memoir, Gorky, Russia; First man in, briefly covers his corporate employment that led to an improbable career change to an organization focused on Russia.