Harold Mclaughlin Shares a Heartwarming Story About Love and Responsibility

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“A Little Boy, a Little Girl, and Their Dog Named Queenie” is a children’s book story that defines the different sides of love along with responsibilities in having a close friend, a playmate, and a protector in one embodied by a pet dog named Quennie.

The story follows the journey of a little boy named Jackie and a little girl named Ilene, these siblings have a sweet dog named Queenie. Queenie was described as playfully romping, jumping, barking, and happily wagging her tail as they went on their way. Queenie arrived on the little boy and girl’s doorstep a year earlier a stray, messy and hungry, and in need of a loving home. The parents of Jackie and Ilene immediately fell in love with her that’s they agreed that their home will stand her home too and named her Queenie. Her name seemed fit because once she was fed and cleaned up, she looked regal, like a queen. Their bond continues getting stronger and Queenie becomes their companion and protector.

Here comes the time when the parents of Ilene and Jackie will take difficult decisions for the love and safety concern of their children considering also their dog Queenie. The author artistically made this story into like a real-life event that many readers can relate to. The story also talks through life during the early part of the last century, when bathrooms were just coming indoors and radio was a major source of entertainment.

The story will appeal to both parents of young readers who are dog or pet lovers. Reading this book is a must to share with young ones, family, and friends.


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A Little Boy, a Little Girl, and Their Dog Named Queenie

Written by Harold J. Mclaughlin, Ph.D.

Published by Liferich Pub

Published date: February 11, 2022

Paperback Price: $18.99

Hardcover Price: $33.99

Kindle Price: $3.99



About the Author:

Harold J. Mclaughlin, Ph.D. is a retired Engineer and a computer industry consultant, Patented inventor, published author of two Business books, many technical and newspaper articles, and a California resident for more than 56 years.