Steve Maxwell Shares His Views on Increasing Veganism and the Need for Good Quality Plant-Based Protein

 Veganism is on the rise in developed countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and other European countries. People are now more aware of the environmental effect of consuming animal products and are making an effort to remove such products from their diet. Others believe that plant-based products have more health benefits and are recommended to those with certain conditions like MS, thyroid conditions and even after cancer treatment.

Steve Maxwell of Vancouver believes that vegan food manufacturers need to focus on good quality plant-based protein to help vegans and vegetarians meet their nutritional goals. Steve Maxwell is the founder of Maxwell Capital, a venture capital firm. This firm specializes in creating partnerships in industrial and agricultural initiatives. Steve has over 20 years of experience in project management and industrial mergers and acquisitions, making him the perfect person to identify the profitability of a certain agritech venture. Canadian agritech start-ups are on the rise, and Steve is eager to provide funding, creating partnerships, and providing mentorship to such initiatives.

A common concern with those who are vegan or who are considering adopting this lifestyle is getting high-quality plant-based protein. Animal products are known to provide the most protein. Vegan food manufacturers have to develop products that provide high-quality protein without compromising the texture and taste. Pea protein, seitan, nutritional yeast and lentils are currently being used to infuse plant-based products with protein. Experts are working on other ways to introduce a wider variety of plant-based products for vegans.

Steve Maxwell of Maxwell Capital stated, “Experts are anticipating more and more people to go vegan every passing year. Having more plant-based products on the shelves in supermarkets will further increase the demand for plant-based products too. There’s still a lot to be achieved in Canada’s vegan population. Businesses need to keep introducing delicious and nutritious plant-based food.”

Steve Maxwell’s venture capital firm is currently partnering with many agritech businesses about to launch in Canada. Those interested in funding their venture can get in touch with his representatives.

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Maxwell Capital is founded and owned by Steve Maxwell. He offers investment and resource opportunities to start-ups and budding entrepreneurs with business models that facilitate an Agritech future in Canada.

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