Matteo Belcastro: An upcoming artist manager and his story

I had the honour of speaking to Matteo Belcastro (an upcoming artist manager) about how he rose to where he is and get his advice for others. Here is what Matteo had to say:

Matteo Belcastro’s story. How did he get to where he is today?

Matteo used to be a science student in France for about 3 years. He said he worked very hard in his free time. He worked for a worldwide known company in order to pay for my apartment as he lived alone without the help of his parents. Matteo explained he had a passion for music. He knew he would enjoy music, however thought science was the best sector to work in as he was quite talented at it and the jobs in the science sector are quite well paid. But Matteo gave up at one point. He really wanted to be in the music industry. He said he tried to make some, but was not talented enough, the only thing he was talented at was listening, and determining which artist was going to blow up in the following months or years. He then considered himself as a potential manager, and he started my career from there. With nothing but his computer, phone and headphones.

Success never comes easily. What challenges has Matteo Belcastro had to face along the way?

Well, as we said at the start Matteo Belcastro was a student and also had a job alongside his school work. This meant his free time was quite limited as Matteo was too tired to listen to new artists when he was finally not busy and at home. But he persisted! Matteo said “I believed in myself, in the power of social media and artists, so I quitted my job to make my dream come true”. Secondly, money was a real problem, managing an artist when you’re not known is very expensive work to accomplish. Matteo had to buy a lot of equipment in order to become a real manager. He explained that he also didn’t know much about the business, as he was younger at the time and inexperienced. He didn’t know anyone who could help him, but eventually found a really good friend who helped him a lot with his organization and business in general.

What does Matteo Belcastro specialize in and why should someone work with him over the competition?

Matteo is currently specialized in the artist management sector. He is not producing anything, he is just helping artists with all the issues they could encounter (booking concerts, knowing where to sleep, or anything else that might arise). It is just running their professional lives as well as possible. And for the “why Matteo?” He said he really does not know. He said “All I know is that I am more interested in music than business. It is the only thing that matters to me. If I like an artist, it’s not for their wallet. I just really think they could manage their business better, and I am helping with that so they can be more invested in their music career and create better music for everyone to enjoy”.

What’s Matteo Belcastro’s best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life?

Matteo said: “I’m going to be quick with this one. Find a hobby that you love and invest in yourself. It is really the only thing you can do to be completely happy with your life. If you’re determined to build a career, and you are interested in something: go for it. It can take time but you’ll achieve anything you could have ever wanted”.

Speaking of success, what does the word mean to Matteo Belcastro?

Matteo said: “Success is a complex word. The definition can mean multiple things for every person. It can be monetary success, or fame success. For me it is all about self-esteem. I do not want a life with a 7-number wallet, with a lot of expensive stuff all around me. I want to see myself as a man, who started from nothing and acquired a decent life from his passion. I just want to be proud of myself, proud of what I built and last, proud of who I managed in my life. I do not want anything else. It might be because I’m young, and I don’t see money as an important thing but I quite always imagined my life like that”.

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