Marlene launches new and inclusive sexual wellness community to provide a safe and open space for all individuals to discover, share and support a healthy attitude towards sexuality

Marlene, the first sexual wellness community that is open to everyone, launched a new website,  community platform, and online shopping platform complete with a personal shopper. The community,  blog, and online shop are available in one convenient place where individuals from all backgrounds can find everything they need to aid positive sexual wellness.  

Marlene is a new European company, born out of the idea of creating a unique environment where  the !world”s oldest taboo” could be discussed openly and freely – regardless of gender, sexuality, or age. The company was launched in early 2021 and is the first online community that strives to  combine sexual wellness education with everyday life to make sexual wellness as important as  physical and mental health.  

UNESCO have recently taken huge steps to globally promote in the importance of holistic sexuality  education and how it can help society as well as individual people – the news that first inspired the  founder of Marlene to create the community. Alongside the community aspect of Marlene, as  leaders in the sexual wellness sphere, they also wanted to provide a safe and discreet place to learn  about and purchase pleasure toys and sexual wellness devices.  

Marlene aims to make sexual wellness accessible to everyone to discuss sex, share experiences and  opinions and not worry about being judged or analyzed. Sexual wellness and sex toys are becoming  more socially acceptable – as pointed out in December’s Vogue. A number of celebrities have  recently endorsed pleasure devices – notably Cara Delevingne who stated “We have the same urges  and needs as any other person, yet we are ashamed to talk about how we take care of our own  pleasure. I hope to help break down the walls and barriers and show that it’s a topic we can openly  and confidently discuss.” 

Marlene understands the need to normalize sexual wellness. Their products are not only for  pleasure, but tools to help individuals and couples to better understand their own bodies and  sexuality – regardless of gender or sexual orientation. The carefully selected collection of products  are all designed and crafted in the EU and use SMART technology to help people in all areas of sexual  wellness.  

Marlene was launched in early 2021 by Emma Perrotta, a Digital Marketer from Italy who has lived  and worked across Europe. Emma started the business to provide a safe and friendly environment for  people of all backgrounds to come together and discuss sex in a normal environment.  

A note from the founder: “As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I understand the feeling of being alone, left out, or feeling silenced by friends and family, or at work or school. I am lucky enough to  have grown up with wonderful parents who have always supported and pushed me to be the best  version of myself – however, I know this is a luxury many people grow up without, which was my  drive behind creating Marlene and a community for everyone to freely discuss sexual wellness and  take the taboo out of talking about sex!”