‘Mandemic’ Will Be FREE to Download for Five Days (24/05/21)

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‘Mandemic: A Tale of a Man Who Didn’t Like to Be Told What to Do’ has been rated 5 stars by those who have purchased the book. Some of the book’s review comments include the following:

‘There isn’t much that brings me to shed a tear, but reading this and reflecting on my own personal journey through mid-life troubles has resonated deeply. The imagery adds another level; it is stark, potent, bleak, but ultimately hopeful. I think the author Natasha Jones will be the lighthouse that shines a light at the end of a tunnel for a legion of Mandemic sufferers!’ – J Griffiths

‘This cuts through the noise of how to stay grounded and connected with yourself. For men who can sometimes find this hard, it also gives permission and practical application as to how self-care can form lifelong positive habits.’ – Leeds Claire

‘This book is concise, easy to read and practical. The suggested habits to improve wellbeing are relevant, realistic and achievable.’ – Mark E

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About the Author:
Natasha Jones was called to be a lawyer to help others following her study of human nature in psychology and as a result of her lifelong intrigue in what makes people ’tick’. After being in the masculine energy of ’success’ during her time as a lawyer over a twenty-year period, she observed that those she worked and socialised with were in the typically ’man’s world’ of law and business. After observing the terrible effect that life-changing events can incur on people, Natasha began to see more clearly and closely the struggle to grieve and come to terms with the ’rug being pulled from under’ a person. Increasingly, she begun to empathise with individuals—typically men—who seemed to never allow themselves to develop self-love/nurturing skills. From there, she began a journey of passion to inspire resilience and help people-including clients, friends, and husbands of friends to find the tools to cope with devastating events in their lives.