iPOP Alumni Madelaine Petsch Produced Documentary Premieres on Streaming Platforms

 iPOP Alumni Madelaine Petsch debuted her Executive Produced documentary to streaming platforms this week. “Meat Me Halfway” is a new documentary about the reducetarian movement, which “seeks to create common ground at the dinner table.” Brian Kateman directs the film, which also features cameos from prominent plant-based people, including Ethan Brown, Gene Baur, and Eric Adams.

The documentary argues that convincing people to eat reducetarian diets will be easier and more effective in solving many worldwide health issues. This, as the film states, would be in comparison to what we have now, a small percentage of vegans and a large population of animal product-eaters. The film also focuses on facts about the animal agriculture industry, the medical industry, and nutrition.

In a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,” Madelaine discussed the significance of the film and her joy in involvement. Stating:

“…The reason why I love it so much is I’ve been raised plant-based, and I never wanted to shove those beliefs down people’s throats, but I also want to give them the tools and information to make their own educated decisions, and I met Brian Kateman, who has this whole movement called reducetarianism, which is reducing your meat consumption, not stopping it.” She continues by saying, “It’s an unrealistic goal to think that the whole world should go vegan. And I reached out to him when I read about his movement and asked him what he’s got going on, and he told me he is working on a documentary, and I jumped on with him, and we just hit the ground running.”

Meat Me Halfway can now be streamed on Amazon Prime and iTunes.

Madelaine also shared an in-depth one-on-one with the film’s director Brian Kateman on her Youtube channel this week. In it, the pair dove deeper into the premise and purpose of the documentary.

Madelaine achieved success after attending iPOP LA, the twice-annual event based in Los Angeles, CA. She is best know for her role as Cheryl Blossom in the hit CW series Riverdale. Madelaine’s most recent thriller Sightless in which she stars as the character Ellen is now streaming. Fans can also expect to see her in the title role for another thriller based on the best-selling novel Clare at 16, which is in pre-production. Madelaine is repped by Mosaic, CAA, and attorney Chad M. Christopher.

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