Author Lloyd Moffat Relaunches His Book that Will Help Readers Make Better Decisions

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Every life lesson, experience, and adversity demands a person to make a key decision that will determine his or her fate. It is through the experiences that arise from life’s teachings and the challenges that one must overcome that one may truly determine where one’s heart and purpose in this world resides. Lloyd Moffatt tells us how decisions shape our destiny in his compelling book, “The Decisions that Shape One’s Destiny: Find Your True Purpose, Passion and Destiny in Life.”

“I wrote this book because I know how important decision making is in everyone’s lives. There are people who like to make decisions such as finding the right career, the right person to marry, the right places to live and raise their children, even decisions that affect their overall dreams and goals. Each person was born with a purpose in this world. No one can exist in this life without one. God doesn’t make any mistakes in who or what He creates. Therefore, because you are not a mistake and God created you with a purpose, you have every reason to tap into your abilities and capabilities to impact the world. If you are hungry to discover your true potential, passion and purpose in life, you will be an entirely different person after reading this book. You will have the mindset to accomplish every impossible dream and goal that many people thought you could never possibly attain,” Lloyd writes.

The book will allow every reader an opportunity to make better decisions in the future and evaluate the course of action to take from a practical and biblical perspective. Lloyd employs a wealth of his own experiences to bring the reader closer to home. He is not a stranger to struggles and challenges—but by learning from them, he is able to weave a book that will help those who are in the midst of making life-altering decisions.

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The Decisions That Shape One’s Destiny

Author: Lloyd N. Moffatt

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: January 2022

Book Genre: Religion & Spirituality › Worship & Devotion

About the Author:

Lloyd N. Moffatt was born in Kingston Jamaica. Growing up Lloyd has had some challenging experiences in his life where he was a witness and victim of violence and hardship. The obstacles in his life propelled him to support himself through college where he received his bachelor’s degree from Bernard Baruch College. Throughout most of his personal endeavors, Lloyd faced countless opposition finding and working for jobs that did not live up to his full potential. In his pursuit to achieve success, he was relentless in finding his purpose and passion in life. He became a teacher who has impacted the lives of many children with dynamic backgrounds. He has been married for several years and a father to two beautiful children. He is an editor of several published books and an author of a few upcoming books of his own. He knows the lessons, experiences and words inspired in this book will impact the lives of millions of readers. It is through the very experience, lessons, decisions and challenges that he has had to go through in his life which he feels will be the same ones that will ultimately help others find their true purpose and destiny in this world.