LinkPrefer Introduces New Marketplace for Brands and Creators

 LinkPrefer has announced the launch of an exciting new marketplace where brands can reach a global audience by collaborating with creators. Through sponsorship campaigns that allow businesses to select from various rewards and gifting models, brands can boost brand awareness and drive conversions while content creators can enhance and monetize original content.

LinkPrefer offers the advantage of an already well-established network of influencers and content creators with engaged audiences in a wide range of niches. The network features about 10,000 creators from the US and all over the world.

“We have thousands of influencers producing great content that their followers love and thus, have the potential to monetize. On the other hand, we have brands exploring innovative channels for reaching high-value customers,” Ivy Lui, LinkPrefer’s Head of Partnerships said. “With our years of experience facilitating partnerships and driving growth for global brands, we made the process of starting influencer collaborations less complicated and created a marketplace where it’s a win-win for both parties,” she added.

Creators have the ability to initiate collaborations by picking a campaign they would like to join. By sharing their original content on their respective social media platforms, creators help brands gain more exposure and magnify brand value.

Brands can launch and manage integrated campaigns across various social media networks including Facebook and Instagram. The success of the campaigns is measured by the quality of content produced and the rate of conversions, which could either mean completed purchases or app installations.

“We are very much looking forward to more profitable and effective sponsorship collaborations within LinkPrefer and to our partner brands realizing their marketing goals into fruition. We have seen a spike in sign ups since launch and we expect to expand our creator network even further in the coming months,” said Karolina Vukojicic, Partnerships and Growth Manager.

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About LinkPrefer

LinkPrefer is an influencer sponsorship network where brands can collaborate with thousands of creators to grow sales and magnify brand influence. We offer an exciting marketplace for launching sponsorship campaigns that have limitless potential to reach a global audience, boost brand awareness, and enhance marketing performance. Creators can join active sponsorship campaigns by their preferred brands and monetize their content. LinkPrefer offers tools for tracking and monitoring the performance of sponsorship campaigns.


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