New MPI-R10 Linear and Angular Magnetic Measuring System from Elesa UK

Simple, accurate, reliable, easy to use as well as time and cost-saving – describes the new Elesa MPI-R10 magnetic measuring system designed for use in wood and metalworking production. The MPI-R10 is a hands-free, stand-alone device for linear and angular measurement. Typically, this includes cut-off or positioning tasks for assembly processes where stand-alone operation is required, combined with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability, reducing time and machining procedures to the minimum.

The MPI-R10 magnetic measuring device measures relative to a static frame-mounted magnetic band and plastic adhesive cover strip, with electronics housed in an IP54 or IP67 protected case making it suitable for fully manual or semi-automatic workstations even in dirty, wet environments. The measuring components are all contained in a hardwearing housing easily mounted on the workstation and allowing for quick replacement of the long-life lithium battery.

Elesa’s MPI-R10 system features simple programming with 4 multifunction keys and an easy to read 7-digit LCD which presents 12 mm numbers and special characters. Values may be displayed in millimetres, inches or angular degrees using absolute or incremental mode with up to 10 programmable offset values. Storage and display of 32 target positions are provided with a buffered memory during battery substitution all housed with FC-MPI connector snap-in assembly system for easy insertion and removal.

Other Elesa measurement devices include gravity indicators, fixed position indicators, positive drive indicators, mechanical position indicators and electronic position indicators.