Author Joe Libby Helps Marketers Find a Good, Powerful Shopping Cart System


Author, public speaker, and Internet marketer Joe Libby wants to help people make informed decisions about their marketing tools. “For anyone selling products online, picking a shopping cart system is a very serious decision,” says Libby. “It’s too important a decision to make without having the right answers to the questions they have.”

Libby points out that many systems are frustrating to install and extremely difficult to use, which can result in lost sales.

He has just published a book for Amazon Kindle titled “Shopping Cart: Find an eCommerce Cart That Makes You Money without Driving You Crazy!”

In the ebook, which is currently #1 in the Direct Marketing Kindle category, Libby describes in plain language the tools that a marketer should look for in a good system, whether it’s for selling physical or digital products. “You need tools that make the shopping process easy and painless for the customer as well as the marketer,” he says. “I don’t want to see people wasting money on a complicated or unworkable system.”

Libby’s book is available free on Amazon now through Thursday, April 28, 2022. It is also available on Kindle Unlimited. People looking for a good cart system can obtain a copy of this easy-to-read book right away by clicking this link: