“Left for Dead” – The Anatomy of Marital Violence

Who would expect that Teri Jendusa would marry a narcissist for a husband like David Larsen? He deceptively concealed his true self until their wedding day. Larsen was a church council head and a role model. But he quickly transforms into a vile, disturbing sociopath, telling Teri on their wedding day that he owns her.
“Left for Dead” reveals unspeakable marital violence, psychological control, and mental torture through the malevolent mind of David Larsen. It mentions all about survival, self-preservation, and a mother’s instinct to live for her children’s safety as she confronts death, up-close and personal. A dark, suspenseful, and twisted story that is an absolute page-turner.
“Left for Dead” is a narrative about perseverance, courage, and faith to counter anger and domestic violence. Most importantly, to emphasize her victory and triumph of the ordeal Teri encountered. The material contains detailed educational and domestic abuse shelter information to readers who could be victims as well. This book has been contributed by various experts in the field. So, this will be a reliable go-to source for any marital violence-related concerns.
This book is a great reference for women’s studies as well as ideal self-help, and a great addition to your library and book clubs as it dwells inside a women’s mind and refuge, providing the reader a sneak peek of a help support network. Aflvin conducted several interviews and interactions with different counselors who deal with disturbed and violent men with unexpected results. Teri Jendusa-Nicolai relentlessly campaigns for women’s problems and domestic issues to this day and presently connected with the Wisconsin commission on domestic violence. The author invites readers to be in the shoes of a victim of marital violence.
This reference material is a great pick-up for anything to counter domestic and marital abuse. Grab a copy today!
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Left for Dead: The Abduction & Survival of Teri Jendusa-Nicolai
Author: David Alfvin
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: November 21, 2020
Genre: True Crime
Target Audience: Women (all ages), social workers, forensic psychologists, women’s support workers.
About the Author
David Alfvin was first published in 1982, when he wrote record reviews for a stereo magazine. David has written two other books; one, a political satire, the other a women’s humor book. Early in his career he was a high school English teacher and later was managing editor of a large government employee publication. He is also a contributor to many political blogs. Besides writing, Alfvin is also a professional photographer and pianist. He resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.