Leegality Partners with NeSL

 Leegality is a leading platform providing Indian businesses with the tools to go completely paperless with documentation. Signing forms, pdfs and other legal documents are the foundation of commercial transaction for almost all companies. But it becomes cumbersome when you need to take signatures of the required parties physically on paper. To help businesses get free from the shackles of paper and make the signing process smooth, easy and accessible, Leegality came into existence and provided a solution. The two major arenas that Leegality serves are eSigning documents (BharatSign https://www.leegality.com/esign) and eStamping (BharatStamp https://www.leegality.com/bharatstamp).

Recently, Leegality partnered with NeSL (https://www.leegality.com/nesl) to offer Banks, NBFCs a unified digital stack for debt documentation. Through this integration, Leegality offers Banks and NBFCs a one stop integration that provides them with the complete access to entire NeSL Digital Documentation Execution (DDE) and Information Utility (IUs) Service Ecosystem. NeSL is India’s first first Information Utility and is registered with the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI). It serves as a repository of legal evidence holding the information pertaining to any debt/claim which is submitted by financial or operational creditor and and verified and authenticated by parties to the debt.

Since integration with NeSL is deemed necessary for all Banks and NBFCs that deals with debts/claims, Leegality came to their aid by providing a bridge between them and the NeSL body. The NeSL suite of Leegality allows Banks, NBFCs and MFIs integrate with NeSL’s services with a simple and fast one stop integration.

Founder and CEO of Leegality, Shivam Singla quoted, “NeSL has the potential to revolutionize proceedings in India. With our new Leegality NeSL suite, we hope to accelerate the revolution by providing Banks and NBFCs an easy way to comply with the regulatory mandate of the IBC and Ministry of Finance.”


Deepti Divya





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