LeakTronics Offers the Push Mic with Sonde Technology for Precision Leak Locating

LeakTronics, the industry leader in leak detection technology, introduces the Push Mic with Sonde Technology for accurate leak locating in return lines on pools and spas. With it’s 10 foot fiberglass push cable and small diameter mic head, turning elbows in 1-1/2 inch diameter pool plumbing is easy, and precision leak locating happens with the built in sonde technology.

The Push Mic answers the need for leak detection technicians to find breaks and leaks in trunk lines with precision accuracy, under concrete, patios or dirt, in pool walls or spas. The Push Mic is mounted on a 10 foot fiberglass push rod, enabling easy control when inserting the mic into the return line and navigating the trunk line.

The Push Mic features LeakTronics phantom powered mic technology and delivers crystal clear sound at the site of a leak. Where water escapes the pipe, it makes a whooshing sound. Finding that sound between return fittings at it’s loudest point tells the user where the leak is located. By switching the mic to the 512 hz. Driver, the sonde built into the mic emits a frequency that pulses from the mic and indicates where the mic head is, and where repairs need to be made. This greatly reduces invasive digging and breaking of concrete to make repairs on broken pipes. The cost of accessing the pipe break and restoring the surface around the pool is minimized and the job gets done faster, and more accurately.

LeakTronics offers the Push Mic as a stand-alone addition to the current LeakTronics swimming pool leak detection kits that have the LT-1000 Amplifier and the Driver, or the kit can be ordered with the Amplifier, the Driver and the FLASH Stick receiver for locating the mic head. It’s called the Push Mic Complete and is available at the LeakTronics website for $1950, and customers can add a 5-year extended repair and replacement warranty for just $150, ensuring that even if they break the device, they’re covered for repairs and replacement where necessary.

For more information on the equipment professionals trust to find leaks in their customers pools, including the Push Mic and the Push Mic Complete Kit, visit https://leaktronics.com or call 818-436-2953 for more information.