Joanne “Gram” Radke’s Guide to Decluttering in 30 Days – Soon to Exhibit at the L.A. Times Festival of Books 2024

The L.A. Times Festival of Books is one of the liveliest and highly anticipated literary events in America. Every year, dozens of authors present books that give new spins to popular stories, tropes, and even just age-old wisdom. In the case of counselor and hands-on pastor Joanne Gram Radke, she wants to give her humble take on the art of decluttering with her book Why Is My House Always a Mess?

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Joanne, thank you so much for writing this book! Cleaning is one thing, but getting rid of items we no longer need is a whole other thing. Thank you for all the ways that you encourage, motivate, and give practical tips to help us start our journey. Because it is definitely a journey! Ive already done one area and cant wait to start on the next! Nicole Pike

As one of the liveliest book events in California, the L.A. Times Festival of Books is always a ripe opportunity for readers to discover authors giving their own takes on popular book themes. Whether its a novel, a self-help guide, or something more practical, theres at least one author who wants to offer it in pleasantly unexpected ways.

One great example is a new book by pastor, coach, and counselor Joanne Gram Radke. Shes the author of Why Is My House Always a Mess?: How to Declutter & Organize Your Home in Just 30 Days. Its a book that takes on the age-old challenge of decluttering but is molded by her own experience of helping hundreds of families put their homes back together through decluttering.

In the book, she recommends a whole 30-day program that promises to help entire households experience less cramped spaces and shelves of stifling junk (both in the physical and spiritual sense). Her advice also gives a very evangelical twist to household reorganization. It borrows heavily from her Christian lifestyle and sensibility to encourage better daily habits for staying clutter-free.

A lot of the advice in Why Is My House Always a Mess? comes not just from her personal journey but also from helping hundreds of people for over 45 years. Fifteen of those years were specifically spent working with the Salvation Army, so she definitely knows more than a thing or two about peoples relationships with their possessions!

Visitors to the L.A. Times Festival of Books 2024 will get a chance to look through Joanne Gram Radkes book as it will be displayed at the self-publishing and book marketing company ReadersMagnets exhibit at booth # 225. The literary festival will take place on April 18-20, 2024, at the University of Southern California Campus, Los Angeles, CA. Get a copy of Why Is My House Always a Mess?: How to Declutter & Organize Your Home in Just 30 Days on Amazon.

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Why Is My House Always a Mess?: How to Declutter & Organize Your Home in Just 30 Days
Author: Joanne Gram Radke
Published date: Oct. 23, 2023
Publisher: Independently published
Genre: Non-fiction

Authors Biography
Joanne Radke has been a hands-on pastor, mentor, counselor, coach, and friend for over 45 years, helping hundreds of people from all walks of life put their lives and homes back together again.

Fifteen years of her 46 years of serving people has been spent pastoring and working with the Salvation Army, practically helping families in many different situations. She has helped many families downsize and organize their homes and lives and mentored and coached others to get their lives back on track emotionally, physically, financially, and practically.

She has worked in six different ministries and for the past 17 years has overseen the CBA The 700 Club Canadian prayer center, where she trains prayer team and ministers to many people daily by phone across Canada.

Joanne has various expertise and has ministered, helped, and prayed for thousands of people. She was ordained in 1979 with the Salvation Army and later in 1984, credentials with Emmanuel Fellowship Inc. She is also a certified Pastoral Counsellor of The Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counsellors of America since 1979 and a Registered Clinical Counsellor with The Canadian Christian Certified Chaplaincy Association since 2019.

Joanne M. Baker Presents a Book that Breaks Free from the Stereotypical Description of Female Lead Characters

Book Genre: Historical, Fantasy, Romance

Target Audience: Adult


About the Author

Joanne M. Baker started writing “Trapped in Love’s Magic Spell” as a junior in high school, because a teacher told her she had to do something in study hall, she couldn’t just sit there. Twelve years and 4,378 pages of hand written pages later she finished it. There was a lot of life in that twelve years: junior, senior in high school, graduating, working, college, getting an associate degree in psychology in 2000, in 1999 breaking both upper arm bones, recovering from that, but finally finishing it.

At the age of 40 she felt that it was time to publish “Trapped in Love’s Magic Spell” Book 1. She broke it down to more manageable novels for people to read. Now at 44, she is releasing “Novel 1: The Ships” and hopes it does well this time. She has lived in Maine most of her life, moved to Alaska for three years and now she lives in New Hampshire. She thinks her book is different; her female character is strong and independent but also has a love for cats which she has.