Author Jimmie Vincent Presents a Book That Will Children Understand Mental-Health Related Concerns Better

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Jimmie Vincent is a Masters Level Mental Health Professional who works with children, adolescents, and families experiencing mental health and mental health-related concerns. Jimmie envisioned, then created a series of books that will help children understand issues relating to their mental health. Helping Hounds Presents, book 1 “Bichon the Brave.”


“Bichon the Brave” is the first of four books in the Helping Hound series. The story follows the adorable dogs of Hound 1 Academy. The class was about to let out. Tyke and his friends are already talking about the activities they want to try at the carnival. Four of them was already sharing their favorite rides, activities, and attraction. However, their friend Bichon is not participating in their discussion. Is Bichon not a fan of carnivals? Or could there be another thing that bothers Bichon?


The goal of this project is to raise awareness about mental health issues among primary school students. It is intended to entertain and enlighten young readers about the challenges that this demographic has in terms of mental health, as well as solutions that can help with problem-solving and solution-focused thinking. Through the story of Bichon, Jimmie allows children to understand their feelings more. It tells them that feeling somehow odd when in a large crowd is normal, but with the help of friends, anyone can overcome it. The book is in simple prose, and this allows children to understand the moral of the story and at the same time practice their reading and comprehension skills.


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Bichon the Brave

Author: Jimmie A. Vincent MS, LAPC

Publisher: Xlibris Us

Published Date: December 10, 2018

Book Genre: Self-Help › Self-Esteem; Children’s Book


About the Author:

Jimmie A. Vincent MS, LAPC received his BS in Criminal Justice/Sociology from the Western Michigan University, where he attended on a football scholarship, and received his Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. He is a licensed associate professional counselor who works with children, adolescents, and family experiencing mental health and mental health related concerns. Mr. Vincent was raised in Muck City, (Belle Glade, South Bay, and Pahokee) Florida where he learned so many of the life lesson that keep him motivated to affect social change, and currently resides in the metro Atlanta area where he has been able to do the work that he loves, with the populations he loves. He is the father of two wonderful children, husband to an amazing wife, and is now expecting twin boys of which he joyously awaits.