Japanese American Writer Releases Novel About God’s Enduring Love for Us

An inspiring tale on the wonders of living a life with God in it

“The Redeeming Love of Christ” by Andy B. Nakagawa is a compelling novel telling how protagonist Joe Redland lived a good life by allowing God to guide him in his journey. In this story, Joe meets Susan Wordsworth who teaches him about faith, religion, and Jesus. Just as he was about to surrender himself to God, Joe begins to doubt Him when unexpected events separate him from Susan. Trying to move on, Joe meets someone who tries to convince him to live the life that he wanted without God in it. He realizes, however, that life is worth living with God in it.
This novel is a must read for skeptics and those who have lost faith in God. Nakagawa has created a wonderful story that will resonate to those have faced trials and challenges that made them doubt God and His plans. Nakagawa’s prose and writing style also adds depth to the message he’s trying to convey – our journey here would not be as magnificent and satisfying without God and his redeeming love. Be inspired and grab a copy of this wonderfully written book.
Born and raised in southern California, Author Andy B. Nakagawa is a third generation Japanese American. At a young age, Nakagawa already knew he wanted to be a writer. In 2016, his dream came true when he was inspired by God to write a book. Since then, he has written 20 books in a span of four years. All of his books are inspirational and based on the Word of God. “The Road to Victory,” “How to Live a Holy Life,” and “By Faith in Jesus” are some of the books he has already published.
The Redeeming Love of Christ
Andy B. Nakagawa
Paperback | $10.00
E-book | $5.00
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