Author Jaakko Kurhi Shares With Readers Unexplained Mysteries That Have Baffled Mankind for Centuries into the Depths of Our Universe in His Book “Benefit of the Doubt”

Anyone fascinated with the spiral-shaped Milky Way galaxy will definitely attract attention. It’s an interesting object because its shape offers challenging actions to come true as it evolved. Thus, in Jaakko Kurhi’s book, how a spiral galaxy evolved is a perfectly achievable operation in the mechanical sense, without help from magical words; “the event just happened.” Also, it mentions the concept of how to make a complex atomic structures into a simple atom, which the mechanics of nature can built at the time atoms don’t get crushed under extreme pressure and heat. It also reveals the true nature of light, photons, and the redshift phenomenon.

Jaakko Kurhi shares his extensive knowledge and expertise on the subject. Deals with the universe whose true description has been long ignored and hidden behind the curtain of money and glory. This mystery is happening while the Milky Way galaxy operates with its naturally forced ways without an atom. Therefore, whether the source for the Milky Way galaxy was the Dark Matter or a more logical source of the mass-bits will come up in his book.

Because the spiral galaxy evolved in a explainable way, in “The Benefit of the Doubt” you will find how the mechanically operating forces in the primeval state of matter, create a galaxy and its working components in the manner of a continuing chain reaction and colliding forces.

Read the book to get to know more the secrets it holds. Fans of the genre will definitely enjoy its never-published before content and information. It will not disappoint. An awesome addition to your collection or library. Own a copy today!

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The Benefit of the Doubt: Deals with the Universe Whose True Description Has Been Long Ignored and Hidden Behind the Curtain of Money and Glory
Jaakko Kurhi
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Publication Date: July 2021
Target Audience: Mostly to scientists who worked in the universe and to the public to get them to change.

About the Author
Jaakko Kurhi is a Karelian born Finn making good living in sunny California. He has nearly seven decades of working experience with various complicated mechanical gadgets, as an inventor and visionary in the field of cinematography.