Irina Bukatik’s New Food Blog, Wanderlust Food, Helps Readers Learn About Various Cultures Through Food

 Food plays a crucial role in people’s lives. There’s a reason why people pay extravagant sums of money for fine dining experiences. Likewise, many people enjoy tasting cuisines from different parts of the world. Food has more purpose than simply appeasing your appetite. It tells a story about culture, portraying a region’s history through its ingredients. For instance, a quick look at the different cuisines globally can tell a person all they need to know about heritage. Different ingredients are popular in varying areas. For instance, Okra is a highly used ingredient in the Middle East and Africa. Yet, it doesn’t have the same appeal in North America. Such instances tell people a remarkable story about how eating habits differ by region. Moreover, they paint a vivid picture of how environments and culture have shaped people’s perspectives on food.

Most gastronomes love discussing food in detail. However, one area they’ll often gloss over is how food represents culture. In some instances, the same dish will vary from region to region. Various reasons can exist behind these discrepancies, ranging from the availability of ingredients to a cultural conflict. One example that illustrates this point is that of pain au chocolat. Pain au chocolat is a popular breakfast pastry that’s spread globally. However, it traces its origins to France. In most parts of France, pain au chocolat is the name for this delicious breakfast pastry with melted dark chocolate in its center. However, in the southwest part of France, people refer to it as chocolatine. The debate over the name of this pastry has sparked pastry wars that have cultural and linguistic connotations attached to them.

Irina Bukatik is a food and travel enthusiast who aims to mesh food and culture together. She’s also a licensed sommelier who has traveled the world extensively. Her travels have made her realize there’s more to food than most people realize. Subsequently, these experiences prompted her to start her blog, Wanderlust Food. In her blog, Irina uses food as a thematic backdrop to explore cultures. She takes her readers on a world tour, examining different cuisines and the histories behind them. Irina aims to help her readers learn about various cultures through their taste buds.

In conversation with us, Irina Bukatik stated, “Food has always been very important to me. I still remember my childhood years when my mother tried out new dishes in the kitchen. I would always stand by her side, watching her experiment as she toured the world from the confines of our kitchen. I believe she imparted her love of cooking to me. My love for food led me to travel the world because I wanted to sample authentic cuisine. As a result, I found myself becoming enamored by the seamless integration of food and adventure.”

Continuing, Irina Bukatik spoke about her website, “My travels led me to realize that food can paint a vivid picture about a region’s culture and history. I consider myself to be very fortunate to have traveled the world extensively. As a result, I wanted to share my experiences with other people to help them realize there’s more to food than sustenance. I believe food can help us bridge cultural divides and understand each other better. There’s nothing a good meal can’t solve.”

Readers can learn more about the connection between food and culture by reading Irina Bukatik’s blog, Wanderlust Food.

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Irina Bukatik is a licensed sommelier, food enthusiast, and traveler. She has extensively toured the world. Now, she’s using her experiences and combining them with her passion for food to educate readers about the world.

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