Iowan Writer Releases Unique and Inspiring Autobiography

A moving memoir offering a glimpse of the author’s journey and adventures

Asa Dunnington’s “What A Life!: An Autobiography” is an enthralling memoir detailing the author’s long and storied life. This memoir came about when Dunnington’s daughter in law, Lorraine Dunnington, gave him a candy jar with 89 strips of paper as a gift. Each strip had a question or a subject in it and he would respond to each one. By the time he reached the bottom of the jar, he has already written his life story. This makes the book different and special.

Dunnington wrote the book without the chapters to retain the question and answer format. This makes for an easier, free-flowing read. As readers get to know the author more, they will feel encouraged and motivated because despite the challenges, hardships, and trials he went through, he always found a way to land on his feet and take care of his family. His journey has truly made a difference to those around him. Inspiring and moving, this book is a must have, especially to those who want to feel uplifted.

“The story came alive with each small, short narrative,” shares Olga Driskell, an Amazon customer.

Born on June 7, 1939 in Logan, Iowa, Dunnington wrote for a newspaper, served in the Air Force, and worked on a Presidential campaign. Dunnington also wrote “Selectively Lawless: The True Story of Emmett Long, An American Original,” a biography of his uncle, an infamous lawbreaker. Dunnington is now married to his second wife, Cheryl, and he has three children and nine grandchildren.

What A Life!: An Autobiography
Asa Dunnington
Paperback | $6.77

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