BMM Brings Integrity to Blockchain

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) published the Blockchain Maturity Model (BMM) ( This model was developed over the past two years to give acquisition professionals the tools they need to evaluate blockchain solutions when making purchasing decisions. It also provides a standard to distinguish legitimate blockchain solutions from hype-filled promises. Without this knowledge or framework, acquisition professionals will always choose traditional government contracting partners. The lesser-known, innovative solutions rarely get selected, stifling competition and progress.
The model describes eleven characteristics that should be considered in evaluating any blockchain solution. They are:
– Distribution
– Governance
– Identity Management
– Interoperability
– Performance
– Privacy
– Reliability
– Resilience (Fault Tolerance)
– Security
– Infrastructure Sustainability
– Synchronization

Get BMM Training

The first qualified GBA assessor to lead a BMM team is Mr. Dino Cataldo DELL’ACCIO (, Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund (UNJSPF). He has developed a blockchain solution for the United Nations and was one of the authors of the BMM. The BMM Team will begin formally training new BMM assessors at the GBA Blockchain & Sustainable Economic Growth Conference ( on May 25-27 in Washington, DC. Other events are posted on the BMM Events Calendar (

“Many vendors need ways to demonstrate that their solutions are reliable and can be trusted.
They operate in environments lacking integrity and plagued by broken promises, hype, and corruption. The BMM is a way that vendors can differentiate their reliable solutions from those of snake oil salesmen,” says Gerard Dache, CEO, GBA.

BMM Assessments Being Schedule Now

The first organization that has registered for a BMM assessment is Axes, a blockchain-based information management platform that licenses actionable intelligence and applications to the global gaming & amusement industry.

For more information about the BMM please visit or send an email to

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Integrity Now Insurance Brokers, Inc. Offers a Holistic Suite of Insurance Services in California

 Due to the dire circumstances many churches face in the country, insurance planning for churches and other non-profit organizations has become a must. American churches must have their premises insured with a strong insurance company at the helm to protect the rights and funds of the organization. The same applies to other non-profit organizations led solely by independent trusts and operating through funds.

While established churches invest in tough insurance backups, newly established churches are still hesitant to decide which insurance policy will work best for them. Most churches opt for church property insurance keeping in mind the tumultuous incidents of church property vandalism and abuse.

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers are insurance company brokers operating in California. The service excels in connecting local and community churches to financially stable insurance companies in California. They also offer top-grade insurance plans for church ministries and non-profit organizations. The company has mastered devising the most budget-friendly insurance plan for small, newly-established churches.

“We make sure we connect our clients with some of the most financially stable insurance companies in California. Our brokers ensure we only deal with A-rated insurance companies. We know how complicated insurance paperwork can get for some clients. We take great pride in offering some of the best general liability and sexual misconduct insurance plans in the state,” the company’s representative commented.

The representative continued, “Our brokers are experts at a range of insurance services. From Mission trip insurance to officer’s insurance for churches, our services cover it all.”

The company is dedicated to serving the best interests of its clients. Their success record shows some impressive figures of around $150,000 that the company was able to save in a single year. The type of service the company is willing to provide new churches despite their budget constraints is commendable and increasingly professional of the brokers at Integrity Now Insurance.

About the Company

Integrity Now Insurance is a team of insurance brokers working for religious and non-profit organizations. They’ve been in the market for some time now and know the Arizona, Ohio and California insurance markets well. Their services include a range of insurance plans ranging from general liability insurance to employer’s liability and property damage insurance plans.

Contact Info

Phone: (877) 854 7396


Address: 6285 E. Spring St, Suite 457 Long Beach, CA 90808.

Integrity Now Insurance Brokers

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