INSYNCHRONY 2021 – Annual Hybrid Dashboard of INSYNC

With the pandemic still at large, INSYNC carried out its annual corporate event – INSYNCHRONY 2021, as a hybrid event. The event marks the end of the previous fiscal year and lays down the roadmap for the coming year and, keeps new and old team members in sync.

Event Highlights:

The Age of Digitalization

The lockdowns brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic have led to the disruption of traditional business processes. Businesses are now looking into methods of digitalizing their business process. Some of these upcoming trends in digital commerce technologies include:

· B2B sales and commerce platform evolution.

· More online revenue from services attached to products.

· Increased diversity for digital commerce go-to-market.

· More success with third-party marketplace models.

· Global digitalization and efforts to reduce cash.

Another avenue of digitalization is through automation through business application integration. The benefits provided by business applications integration through cloud services have led to a rise in demand for a robust iPaaS solution. To cater to this increased demand for such a solution in the industry, INSYNC brought several new feature updates to its flagship iPaaS solution, APPSeCONNECT, such as ProcessFlow. INSYNC also brought INSYNC Commerce in 2020, a robust eCommerce platform that comes with out-of-the-box integration with other business process applications to help businesses grow effortlessly.

Growing of Business Ecosystem

A business is a complex ecosystem consisting of employees, customers, business partners, and much more. With that in focus, INSYNC identified five critical areas for the growth of its business ecosystem.

· Growth through Channel Business

· Focusing on Strategic Accounts

· Optimize the customer life cycle.

· Provide a vast range of solutions.

· Focusing on existing customers

Staying Connected Digitally

Even with the pandemic putting everyone under isolation, INSYNC took steps to make sure every team member felt connected. All significant events were carried out safely as online or hybrid events. The previous year’s annual Hackathon was also the first hybrid event for INSYNC. Birthdays were also not left out, with custom gift boxes being sent to all team members on their birthday to make sure they felt connected.

For the first time ever, INSYNC also conducted its recruitment process digitally through the help of Microsoft Teams to complement their business growth.

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