“Insomnia” by Jack Hawn Will Be Displayed at the LA Times Festival of Books 2022

This book from Jack Hawn shares or tells readers about his inspiring life.

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This is a charming book, written in a laid-back style as if the author is inviting the reader to walk down memory lane with him. Amusing and entertaining. Truly enjoyable. (Reviewed by Fiona for Readers Favorite)

Jack Hawn’s “Insomnia: Two Wives, Childhood Memories and Crazy Dreams” will be displayed at the Los Angeles Times Festival of books on April 23-24, 2022, at the University of Southern California campus, Los Angeles, CA.

This book tells about the author’s battle with insomnia. The story started many years ago; when he first met Charlene, the love of his life, she dominated his thoughts deep into the night and early morning hours.

After seven years, the author still grieved, missing his dear Charlene. Insomnia can be dreadful and incurable in some cases, which he has experienced.

Married for sixty-three years, Charlene left him looking as beautiful as the day she stepped into Jack’s life on her way home from high school to say hello to Onalee, her next-door girlfriend.

Wearing his Army uniform on his first military pass, Jack knew he had to see more of this beautiful girl, but Charlene made it clear that wouldn’t happen.

This book explains how a person can have insomnia and how hard it is to experience it. Having trouble sleeping can disrupt a person’s lifestyle. Insomnia, the book, is Jack’s journey into yesteryear.

Insomnia: Two Wives, Childhood Memories and Crazy Dreams

Author | Jack Hawn

Genre | Autobiography

Publisher | ReadersMagnet

Interested to learn more? If so, grab a copy of “Insomnia: Two Wives, Childhood Memories and Crazy Dreams” by Jack Hawn, soon available at ReadersMagnet, and check out the upcoming LA Times Festival of Books 2022.


Born January 25, 1930, in Kearney, Nebraska, Jack grew up in Southern California, graduated from San Fernando High School in 1947, and after one year at the University of California, Santa Barbara enlisted in the U.S. Army. He served four years, mainly in Public Information offices. He and his wife Charlene celebrated 63 years of marriage prior to her passing in 2015. The couple raised four children, 14 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren, and two great-greats. Jack remarried Mary Beth, a 15-year widow, in 2020. They reside in Sun City West, Arizona.