Hong Kong – Government implements measures with immediate effect to curb scalping of designated quarantine hotels guest rooms

Government implements measures with immediate effect to curb scalping of designated quarantine hotels guest rooms


     The Government announced today (June 24) the immediate implementation of measures to curb scalping of guest rooms of designated quarantine hotels (DQHs) and the inclusion of three more DQH hotels under the eighth cycle of the DQH Scheme to increase the room supply.


     The Government has all along been monitoring closely the operation of the DQH Scheme and noticed the scalping of guest rooms in DQHs in recent days. Having discussed with the hotel industry, the following measures are implemented with immediate effect to prevent the scalping of hotel rooms-


  1. DQHs should require their partner travel agents not to block book the guest rooms without booking details of guests. Travel agents must provide relevant information of the guests to the hotels with full payment settled at the time they reserve the rooms;
  2. Hotels should ensure that all room bookings must be made under a real name and full payment must be settled in advance. At the same time, DQHs should develop a set of fair and transparent refund policy; and
  3. Hotels should ask the travel agents to itemise the fees charged on the receipt, and ensure that the hotel room rate is the same as the published rate listed on the Government website.


     A Government spokesman said, “The Government implements the DQH Scheme with a view to preventing the importation of COVID-19 cases. The Scheme is an effective measure in Hong Kong’s anti-epidemic strategies to contain virus spread. We have reiterated to all DQHs that the Government will not tolerate any kind of scalping activities.


     “We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will take appropriate follow-up action if non-compliance cases are found.”


     Following the announcement of the list of the first batch of DQHs for the eighth cycle of the DQH Scheme on June 16, the Government announced today a list of three more hotels, including Bay Bridge Lifestyle Retreat in Tsuen Wan, Mira Moon Hotel in Wan Chai and Prince Hotel, Hong Kong in Yau Tsim Mong District. These three hotels join upon assessment as DQHs under the Scheme and will start accepting room bookings from tomorrow (June 25) onwards. A total of some 900 additional rooms will be provided.


     The eighth cycle of DQH Scheme will run from August 1 to October 31. The Government is conducting assessments on other hotels’ applications. Further announcements will be made when relevant work is completed.


     Coupling with the hotels announced today, there are altogether 65 DQHs under the eighth cycle of DQH Scheme, providing around 24 000 rooms.

LemonadeLXP Implements Four-Day Work Week

 LemonadeLXP, the Ottawa-based digital adoption and learning experience platform, has moved to a four-day work week to improve their staff’s work/life balance.

“One of our core operating principles is to ‘strive to delight’ and that doesn’t just apply to our clients,” said John Findlay, LemonadeLXP’s CEO. “It also applies to our vendors, partners, and crucially, to our team. We want every touchpoint with our company to be an exceptional experience, and that starts with our staff. We firmly believe that work/life balance is important, especially during these difficult times. Giving our team more time to recharge will result in happier, healthier people and ultimately translate to the best solutions and service for our clients.”

LemonadeLXP employees are now working Monday through Thursday, 9AM – 5PM EST, with all Fridays off.

“Since 1999, we’ve been digital innovators and we felt it was time to be social innovators as well,” Findlay continues. LemonadeLXP was spun off of its parent company, Launchfire Interactive Inc., both of which have been innovators in the Ottawa tech space.

About LemonadeLXP

LemonadeLXP is an award-winning learning experience and digital adoption platform.

The learning experience platform transforms corporate training into addictive game-based microlearning. Unlike gamification platforms that slap game tactics onto existing training content, LemonadeLXP morphs the entire learning experience into games, so employees learn through play. Using a unique combination of game-based learning, technology walkthroughs, role-play scenarios, and powerful analytics, LemonadeLXP offers a refreshing approach to corporate training that upskills remote and on-site employees faster.

The digital adoption platform, Digital Academy, helps staff and customers learn to use any new tech that your company is rolling out. Digital Academy allows you to quickly author a branded, searchable, WCAG AA-compliant online hub with technology walkthroughs, app simulations, and videos — no developers needed.

For more information, visit us at lemonadelxp.com or contact us at hello@lemonadelxp.com. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.


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Hong Kong – Government implements various measures to improve workflow of COVID-19 vaccination

Government implements various measures to improve workflow of COVID-19 vaccination


     Having regard to earlier incidents in which some citizens received vaccination at Community Vaccination Centre (CVC) that was different from the CVC they had selected during booking, the Government has conducted a review of the relevant procedures at CVCs and implemented a host of improvement measures, including strengthening the checking steps and displaying clear signage inside and outside the CVCs, in order to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.
     “The COVID-19 Vaccination Programme has a set of stringent procedures. The type of vaccine is mentioned throughout the vaccination process including online registration, as well as during the reception, information provision and consent-seeking stages in the CVCs. Thus, cases of citizens being vaccinated at a venue different from that of their own booking and went unnoticed by CVC staff should not have happened. Although these are isolated cases, we are highly concerned and need to handle them seriously,” a Government spokesman said today (April 13).
     “Government bureaux and departments and the relevant operators have as such conducted a comprehensive checking of the vaccination records of the CVCs. Together with the incidents discovered earlier, we notice that a total of 24 persons have received vaccination at a CVC different from the one they booked. To our understanding, some people changed their mind after making an appointment and just went to another CVC. There were also cases where people went to another CVC by mistake and received a vaccine not of their choice. On learning about the cases, the Government has taken expeditious follow-up action to ensure that the citizens concerned will receive a second dose vaccine of the same make.”
     To prevent the recurrence of similar incidents in future, the Government has implemented the following improvement measures: 
1. Enhance staff training and require all CVCs to raise their level of vigilance. CVC supervisors are to strengthen their monitoring of centre management and the work of staff;
2. to facilitate the public’s identification of the correct venue for vaccination, each of the CVCs and designated general outpatient clinics of the Hospital Authority have been assigned a unique code number. The code number for venues administering Sinovac vaccine will start with the prefix “S”, while those for BioNTech vaccination will start with the prefix “B”. For example, S01 is the code number of the Hong Kong Central Library CVC which administers Sinovac vaccine, and B02 is the code number of the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Centre CVC which administers BioNTech vaccine. The SMS messages for persons to be vaccinated will also start right-away with the code number of the vaccination venue chosen. In addition, the CVCs will also display their code number at prominent positions at the venue entrance. These arrangements will help reception staff and the public alike to tell if the latter has come to the correct vaccination venue; and
3. the public will receive an A5 folder and a leaflet on the vaccine to be administered at the venue. The name of the vaccine will be shown clearly on the folder.

     “We have apologised to the persons affected on the failure of staff members to have carefully checked their booking information and would take follow-up actions. We would also urge the public to check, prior to getting vaccinated, the location of the CVC and the vaccine they booked, so as to avoid going to the wrong venue,” the spokesman said.