The Pandemic’s Impact On Schools and Your School Choice

Private Schools Pivoted To Enable A Learning Environment For Preschool And Kindergarten Children

Pandemic S Impact On Schools

Pandemic S Impact On Schools

SAN DIEGOMay 26, 2021PRLog — An English/Spanish bilingual Montessori toddler through Kindergarten program excelled in creating a safe and educational indoor and outdoor learning environment during the 2020-2021 Pandemic. The Pandemic’s impact on schools has changed the way parents now look at a private school education for their children.

In San Diego County, traditional schools closed in March 2020. But, La Jolla Montessori School (LJMS) re-opened quickly and continued providing children an excellent educational, social and emotional learning environment.

After some time, traditional schools implemented a virtual home-learning option as a stopgap measure. However, faculty and staff recognized that virtual learning is a visual medium and few possessed the production abilities and facilities to make lessons more visually communicative.

Children and parents enjoyed 2020 together and built stronger family ties. Still, isolation from friends, extended family members and peers upset children’s social patterns, play, activities, routines and the learning process itself.

“Like many private schools, we are small in size but big in building lifetime learners. We moved quickly to reopen. Since we are not a behemoth employing thousands of teachers, hundreds of administrators and millions of square feet in physical plants, it was doable and we moved quickly and avoided disruption,” Kelly McFarland, M.Ed., Director at LJMS, said.

COVID-19 showed clearly how education is being reformed and revised. A revamping of new ways to learn has begun throughout academia and for-profit educational firms. The takeaway: schools are initiating ways to help students implement wellness and educational success via:

  • In-class refinements and new protocols
  • Remote learning
  • Online programs & subject matter lessons
  • Stronger visual and audio productions and
  • Recognizing how important teachers are in every phase of educational strategies and critical operational needs.

LJMS reopened in 60 days and has remained open since last May. Throughout the 2020-21 Pandemic Panic, the school tactically built a different outcome than the overwhelming majority of schools.

Protocols that have fostered a safer in-person learning environment have included:

  • A daily ‘fogging’ that deep cleans every interior space
  • Spray cleanings after each room have been occupied throughout the day
  • Increased hourly hand washings, plus mask and glove use
  • Greater use of our out-of-doors teaching spaces
  • Eliminating food preparation
  • Sneeze-guards and clear vinyl barriers placed on desks
  • Elimination of co-mingling of students from different classes.

The Result: More School and More Learning

LJMS proactively solved in two months what took public school districts months more. “Being open since May 2020 illustrates how our students gained months of academic, social and emotional learning time relative to free public schools,” McFarland said. “And the school’s immersive, dual Spanish and English language program continued.”

“LJMS is a leader in early childhood education. Managing the pandemic by implementing effective protocols has proven that,” McFarland continued. “First, we learned all we could. Then, we used that learning to create leadership. Our students attended school as a result. THAT is the La Jolla Montessori School Edge. When considering the Pandemic’s impact on schools, we hope our successful actions will demonstrate value of private school education and how it will benefit their children for a lifetime,” McFarland said.

Watch a virtual tour, then, book either a live online tour or an in-person tour : (

Impact investment specialist joins board of CBD oil venture

Impact Investment specialist Barry Palte has taken a stake and joined the advisory board of rising American CBD brand ZoneIn, in the role of Chief Investment Advisor.

March 23, 2021PRLog — With a career that spans more than 35 years in company building, investment, funds management and investment banking, Palte has since 1999 served as the founder and owner of globally focused investment group EQ Capital Partners.

The move signifies a unique branching out into the consumables market for Palte and his family investment company  EQ Capital Partners, who are focused on investing in, and supporting the global growth  of ‘purpose-driven’ companies which deliver measurable positive social impact.

With a member of his family having suffered from significant sporting injuries and forced to endure chronic pain management, Palte has carried out extensive research into the use of CBD as a modern form of scientifically proven healthcare.

“I discovered CBD had a major beneficial impact when used properly,” he said.  “I have deep experience with investing in more traditional biotech companies with their necessary checks and controls, and saw the opportunity for CBD to take its place as a very beneficial option for the many people who suffer from chronic pain and the related mental health issues, without many of the serious side effects from more “traditional” products like opioids and anti-depressants.

“I was also introduced to a major investor who  told me the story of his granddaughter who had epilepsy. She had many seizures a day, and the medical use of CBD essentially saved her life.

“This investor donated AUD35 Million to the University of Sydney to clinically study the scientific benefits of CBD and his story inspired me to research this rapidly growing industry.”

Having personally seen how beneficial CBD treatments were for his family member, Palte became a convert to the medical and non medical benefits of CBD in its various forms when used properly.

“When I met the very impressive ZoneIn team and heard about the products they had originally created for elite and recreational athletes like  Lofa (Tatupu) and his many ex NFL teammates, I was sold.”

ZoneIn CBD was co-founded by former NFL all-pro linebacker Lofa Tatupu. Zone in produces premium quality CBD products designed to maximize the CBD benefits from the whole hemp plant. Formulated to help with faster recovery, replenish the body, and target mind-body-movement, ZoneIn CBD products are  reviewed by a Scientific Advisory Board of MDs, PhDs, and CBD experts, and are fully sourced and manufactured in the United States.

Amit Rikhi, CEO at ZoneIn  welcomed Barry Palte to the ZoneIn board as Chief Investment Advisor, highlighting how Palte’s social impact values were in full alignment with ZoneIn’s.

“Barry’s global network is very deep; he is a well respected investor and professional, having been Global Chairman of an international network of eleven independent investment banks,” Rikhi said.

“We’re looking forward to him aligning us with key international manufacturing,distribution, retail and capital partners.

“Barry can help extend our footprint outside of the US with the goal of becoming the most globally recognized, active adult-focused CBD company in the world.  We’re very excited that he has joined our mission to empower a lifestyle of health and wellness by providing premium quality CBD products!”

Amit’s background includes serving as a global technology professional and recently held the role of National Vice President of Innovation at the American Cancer Society.

Palte says he will bring to ZoneIn his global network and connections who are interested in the CBD space and will also leverage his deep background in biotech.

Impact Music Video by Award-Winning Music Producers, DTO & Songs of Eden, Featuring Spoken Word Artist, doc.PEACE, with Animation Art by Faith K Lefever Debuts April 27th

Award-winning music producers, DTO and Songs of Eden, Spoken Word Artist, doc.PEACE, animation artist, Faith K. Lefever releases Impact Music Video, entitled “Solo, but not alone” on April 27th, 2021. The virtual launch is a family-friendly event for all ages which will begin with personal introductions made by each artist followed by the premiere of “Solo, but Not Alone” music video. There will be time after the premiere for first impressions, discussion and questions.

“Solo, but not alone” is an impactful flow to remind us all that we may be solo, but we are not alone. It’s truly spectacular what could happen when you connect, reach out and share your innate gifts with the world. Soundtrack by award-winning music producer, DTO and Songs of Eden, “Solo, but not alone” features Inspirational Spoken Word Artist, doc.PEACE and animation art exclusively created by Faith K. Lefever.

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About the artists:

DTO is an award-winning music producer, designing inspirational music that raises the vibrations of the planet. DTO kicked off his career with a spark with his remix of “Love Me” by Grammy-nominated producer, StoneBridge. DTO followed up with Nameless Energy, a yoga soundtrack recognized by Deepak Chopra for the kirtan project “Jai Ram” ft. Tara Devi. Nameless Energy is a music playlist guiding yoga instructors and students through a 60-minute yoga class. This album has integrated into the yoga world as an inspiring, healing, and transformational musical journey.

DTO launched his 2nd album, Infinite Energy with 7 songs for 7 chakras. Featuring seven global artists singing in Sanskrit, English, Spanish, and Italian. Vocalists on Infinite Energy include Anne-Tyler, Kiyoshi, Sita Rose, Sabrina Sapal, Tamara Rodriguez, Hemalayaa, Emma Grace, and Andrea Sáenz. Infinite Energy is the second in a trilogy of albums dedicated to Energy. Radiant Energy was launched 11.11.2019 in honor of the 5 Koshas and Veteran’s Day.

DTO is passionate about creating unique multi-sensory experiences through music designed to elevate human consciousness and give back to our global communities through his work with non-profits. DTO performs his live yoga music internationally with world-renowned yogis and yoginis, including Hemalayaa and Cristi Christensen.

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Dr. Peace Uche is doc.Peace, Doctor of Pharmacy, Transformational Rhythmic Speaker, and Empowerment Guru who has guided hundreds of ambitious wellness experts and creatives in crafting a life they deserve and desire by owning their innate gifts & talents and pursuing their passions.

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Impact of Covid-19 on Integrated Child Development Services

During COVID-19, functioning of Anganwadi Centres were permitted as per guidelines issued by Government from time to time. Accordingly, the distribution of food items and nutrition support were provided by Anganwadi Workers (AWWs) once in 15 days at the doorstep of beneficiaries, e.g., children, women and lactating mothers.  Anganwadi Workers and Helpers were engaged in COVID-19 awareness drive and specifically assigned responsibilities to generate awareness about proper sanitation and health education to children and their parents, conduct of community surveillance, etc. Year-wise details of beneficiaries including children (6 months – 6 years) and Pregnant Women & Lactating Mothers under Anganwadi Services Scheme between the years 2014 – 2020 is Annexed. Data available is as per digitized records.

  1. of India has enhanced the honorarium of AWWs from ₹3,000/- to ₹4,500/- per month; AWWs at Mini- AWCs from ₹2,250/- to ₹3,500/- per month and AWHs from ₹1,500/- to ₹2,250/- per month.

This information was given by the Minister of Women and Child Development, Shri Smriti Zubin Irani, in a written reply in the Lok Sabha today.


Year-wise details of SNP beneficiaries of Anganwadi Services

Beneficiaries Categories








Children (6 month- 6 yrs)








Pregnant & Lactating Mothers Total








Total (Children & Pregnant & Lactating Mothers)








Figure as on March ending.