Hovis-Fisher Establishes New Production Company with Key Distribution Deals

 Executive Producer Brenda L. Hovis-Fisher, formerly of RSA Entertainment, launched her own production company for women and underrepresented voices, Untamed River Media & Productions. The company’s focus will continue producing and distributing compelling films by native artists, people of color, and women of all kinds.

Top indie distribution power player and a woman-owned business, Indican Pictures, has picked up three major films from the company. Indican’s presence throughout the foreign market and territories, as well as its focus on empowering independent filmmakers, make it the prime outlet for these productions.

WINDIGO, an ancient Chippewa demon, is resurrected by a Native American teenager and his grandmother to protect their family after a run-in with back-woods meth dealers. They soon discover that the creature’s lust for killing cannot be controlled. As each killing bonds the teen and the Windigo ever closer, the family must find a way to break the curse before all of them become the blood-thirsty creature’s next victims. Produced by Gylden Entertainment, directed by Gabe Torres, and cast by Angelique Midthunder.

MANTRA is a thriller around a young man who is haunted by his murdered brother turns to a psychiatrist whose unorthodox treatment twists his world even further. Written and directed by Dan Franklin and Alex Suarez and starring Drake Roger from The Winchesters.

ALTER EGO is a story of a reclusive paranoia genius author who spends a night in his isolated mansion waiting for his creation to come and destroy him, directed and written by Ezio Massa, starring Dylan Walsh, Steve Stanulis, and the beloved Eric Roberts.

About Untamed River Media & Productions

Untamed River Media and Productions is a Native American, woman owned production company specializing in podcasts, talent, production, and project management in the entertainment industry.



About Brenda L. Fisher

Brenda Fisher, MBA, Founder and CEO of Untamed River Media & Productions, an entertainment company based in Los Angeles, CA, has over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry. She attributes her career success both to her multiculturalism as a descendant of the Yakama Nation tribe, leading marketing and entertainment for the Native American casino industry, and to her early start producing and promoting live events and tours with world class performers.

About Indican Pictures

Indican Pictures acquires and distributes feature films to a broad range of entertainment outlets. Our business model enables us to directly provide a diverse selection of independent film content (action, art-house, comedy, documentary, drama, family, foreign language, horror, rom-com, sci-fi, thriller, western) through our strategic partnerships, into all media platforms (theatrical, VOD/SVOD, home video, TV/broadcast, ancillary, educational), for consumer enjoyment.


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Lana Westbrook

Production Manager | Untamed River Media & Productions


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