Hostirian and Clicks and Bricks Podcast Launch

 Hostirian and Clicks and Bricks Podcast Launch The new concept aims to help small business owners succeed in social media.

Busy small business owners often falter when faced with social media work, or they may have had too little time to devote or found it too much of a challenge. Enter, a brand-new service that is part of a joint venture between Clicks and Bricks Podcast and Hostirian, two organizations that know social media inside out. offers several solutions for a busy business owner. The company will offer its flagship Branded Content package, so the business owner does not have to rely on generic memes or take time to generate their own high-quality content. Instead, they’ll get daily content branded with their logo and contact information, which will help them create a consistent impression.

As Ken Cox, the host of the Clicks and Bricks Podcast, suggests, “after talking to thousands of business owners, it is clear they know how important it is to post on social media, but they simply don’t know what to post. We have listened and have created a solution that will give those business owners plenty of content to post on the platform.” will also post up to 30 items of content per month on Facebook to ensure consistency and save the business owner a lot of time.

As part of a launch offer, the staff at will post one post per day for a whole month at no charge when the business owner buys a Branded Content package. In addition, the business will get a social media calendar each month at no cost to give them some great ideas about what to post on their social media platforms. This will include three purpose-made images to get the ball rolling.

Small business owners are encouraged to contact by filling in the information and signing up on their website. They can also get further information about the launch offers.

About Hostirian:

Hostirian runs an intelligent network of dedicated and virtual servers for business owners. The company also operates a private cloud storage facility and can help with backups and domain names. Hostirian enables businesses and developers to run their applications and websites by giving them power, speed, and stability. Their intelligent network is cross-connected through various data centers. This helps to provide crucial layers of protection against outages while giving failover routing and establishing maximum uptime.

About Clicks and Bricks Podcast:

The Clicks and Bricks podcast is a comprehensive podcast series that is focused on small businesses and their online presence. The podcast was founded by visionary Ken Cox, and the aim is to discuss the everyday realities of owning a small business when it comes to technology and online marketing. Regular podcast episodes feature vibrant discussions focused on business-related questions. The company also promotes a live, six-week online course for entrepreneurs.

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