David Horgan Authors “My Reel Life”; Discusses Early Days of Working with Will Smith and Mark Wahlberg in New Book

 A small-town rags to riches story details behind the scenes with Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Simon and Schuster author David Horgan (“When Your Parent Moves In”) describes the early days of Will Smith, Mark Wahlberg, New Kids on the Block and many others as he details his rise from being a “Little League” failure to a big league music video producer.

The book, “My Reel Life” is a fifty year journey that recollects the most intimate details of the author’s career working in the entertainment industry.

“David is a power of example to me, and if a reference to his service and his consistency in this regard is needed, I stand by to endorse him wholly and without reservation,” Quotes Emmy Award winner Peter Scolari in the book’s Forward.

Horgan relays stories of forming a partnership with the late Scott Kalvert (Parents Just Don’t Understand/ Basketball Diaries), which began in their Emerson College dorm rooms and led to some of the most iconic music videos of all time. Horgan also directed the Richard Neal for Congress campaign in 2020.

The book is being distributed by Horgan Bro’s publishing (the author’s sons) and is available on Amazon and other distribution outlets.

Horgan’s first book “When Your Parent Moves In” (with Shira Block) was an eldercare bestseller on Amazon and is on the Simon and Schuster imprint.

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