Home-care Beauty Device DUALSONIC Leading Self-beauty Industry in South Korea

Seoul, Korea, June 22, 2021 – (ACN Newswire) – The “Home-beauty” trend that encourages individuals to perform self-beauty care at home has expanded during the post-COVID-19 pandemic, and there is a surge of interest in home-beauty devices intended for skin elasticity and anti-aging.

The beauty industry is dominated by cosmetics, dermatology clinics, and services provided by aestheticians.

However, the high-class dermatology clinics and beauty salons have been maintaining the position of a selective market due to their high price points and the need to physically visit the premises. On the contrary, both South Korea and Europe are forming trends where individuals are taking a DIY approach, home beauty, skincare, and managing one’s aesthetics.

Home beauty is transforming the industry trend as the market consumers are finding comfort at both the non-restriction on time constraints and the lack of need to physically visit the clinic or the beauty salon.

Specialized home-beauty care brand DUALSONIC of JIONMEDITECH company, has received twice in a row, the technological innovation grand award in Money Today’s “2021 Republic of Korea Innovation Awards”, and it is gathering lots of interests as a beauty device equipped with both convenience and practicality.

Simply pressing the button once on DUALSONIC “Professional” or “Luxury” creates a focal thermal points of 20 dots per shot, and transferring the thermal energy to the dermal and SMAS layer that causes aging, without damaging the surface layer of the skin. It is the only brand in the industry that applies both the face and eye types of cartridges to provide detailed and tailored care over the entire facial area, eyes, neck, etc.

Also, DUALSONIC is unprecedentedly equipped with the Dual Layer HIFU tech to aid in contracting the dermal tissues which helps improve wrinkles, sagging skin, and facial lifting that replicates the professional care. It is satisfying the needs of the consumers who highly value convenience as the simple use of 15 minutes bi-weekly allows the user to feel the transformative effects on skin elasticity.

Besides, DUALSONIC has chosen the Korean actress Eugene (Yoo-jin Kim) who is popular now because of K-drama “Penthouse” Season 3 as their signature model, which is going viral. The company is sponsoring the show, as well as expanding its marketing efforts.

DUALSONIC is exported to 30 different countries including the U.S., India, Hong Kong, Russia, Spain, etc. Products have been certified for their safety through SGS and their patent, and company is currently working on advancing their technology.

The associate at DUALSONIC mentioned, “We are aiming to re-solidify the South Korean status in the global beauty market, and to export to more variety of countries”.

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