Holoptic Receives Follow-on Purchase Order for Holograms Used in Augmented Reality

 Holoptic LLC, a developer of high-performance Holographic Optical Elements (HOEs), has been awarded a follow-on order for its HOEs. The HOEs will be integrated in augmented reality (AR) based smart glasses. Using volumetric holographic gratings, the HOE reflect infrared radiation back to sensors to enable eye-tracking. As AR and VR technologies advance, eye-tracking is becoming more important as it enables foveated rendering.

“We are proud to receive an additional order from this important customer, which is a significant vote of confidence for our technology and team,” said Suleyman Turgut, Chief Revenue Officer. “AR and VR technologies are at the forefront of innovation in displays.”

Some of the key challenges in AR and VR hardware are the long load times and subpar resolution of current displays in near-to-eye situations. Foveated rendering in a display means the highest resolution renders at the center of the viewer’s retina, and with lower resolution elsewhere, mimicking the eye’s own loss of visual acuity outside the central area; this reduces the computing power necessary for rendering. However, this kind of display has high requirements for eye-tracking accuracy, as the device must be able to know precisely where the viewer is looking to render correctly and feel natural to the viewer. Holoptic’s HOE technology can accomplish this with reduced size and weight for a more natural user experience.

HOEs can help make a variety of technology applications possible. To learn more about Holoptic’s HOEs, visit its website or contact sales@holoptic.com.

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