Hinton Transportation Investments Names Dan Millar to Board

 Dan Millar Named C.C.O. Hinton Transportation Investments

HTI is pleased to announce the promotion of Dan Millar to Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Dan will be appointed to the Board of Directors focusing on developing sales strategies that leverage HTI’s strengths and align operational objectives with HTI’s OEM partners and their large heavy-duty equipment owners.

He will work closely with the CMO and marketing organization to ensure successful launches of new products, as well as to ensure sales alignment within the product management group. Dan will be joining the M&A team to help identify acquisition opportunities that align with organizational goals.

As a family-owned business, HTI leans heavily on their legacy values and Dan understands the importance of organizational development with core values being top of mind. He will be the first to explain that his success has come through the tremendous group of people that are running HTI today. He understands the value of people and the need to help in their development.

Hinton Transportation Investments is the holding company of New Life Transportation, Martec International, Road Equipment, and Pace Trailer. HTI is a premier distributor of Heavy-duty Truck and Trailer equipment and components throughout North and Central America comprising of 32+ brick and mortar distribution points.

HTI – Hinton Transportation Investments

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