New Dirak Hinged Recessed Handle from FDB Panel Fittings

 FDB Panel Fittings have launched a new Dirak Hinged Recessed Handle intended for use in special applications such as the construction of specialist road and rail vehicles, e.g., on storage lockers and access panels, where its vibration-proof construction guards against nuisance opening. It is especially suited to these applications because it offers a very low profile with a fully recessed oval handle which is self-returning to its recessed position after use.

This spring return feature ensures that the handle does not protrude, eliminating the risk of people or clothing being caught on the handle. The use of high-accuracy zinc-die casting ensures very close joins, which prevent the build-up of dirt.

Recessed handles are available from the FDB Online Store for urgent delivery in chrome or black finish with or without a standard 8mm square insert lock as an integrated safety measure.

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