Author Hilary Booker Relaunches “Love Letters from the Stars” — A Collection of Practical and Spiritual Lessons from the Universe


Hilary provides a compilation of mini-lessons and encouraging literature written in a lyrical tone to help readers grasp the teachings she got from the universe while meditating on the dynamic interplay of our solar system’s celestial bodies. Although Hilary’s astrology practice inspired the book, it is not about astrology. In truth, no prior knowledge of or belief in astrology is required to appreciate the book and its contents. The teachings weave many spiritual traditions and beliefs into and through them. Above all, she hopes that after reading the book, people will realize that they matter and are not alone on their journey, regardless of whatever path they choose.


Hilary channeled some of the most prevalent and intriguing messages while reading people’s astrological natal charts in her holistic wellness coaching practice–this book is a collection of those messages. It’s for anybody looking for their life’s purpose, seeking guidance amid tough life transitions, or attempting to understand what’s going on in the world and inside themselves during uncertain times. The book depicts her perspectives as an artist, scientist, adventurer, holistic wellness practitioner, and political philosopher. It contains spiritual and mental material that helps readers react more effectively in situations and develop a stronger connection with their bodies.


Anyone can gain a new perspective and access to esoteric information buried in the energies of heavenly bodies. It also offers practical guidance on how we can live a meaningful and satisfying life.


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Title: Love Letters from the Stars: Galactic Guidance for Revolution & Renaissance

Author: Hilary B. Booker, PhD

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: February 2022

Book Genre: Politics & Social Sciences, Philosophy


About the Author:

Hilary Booker is the CEO of the Institute for Earth-Based Living, where she teaches classes and offers one-on-one guidance to those seeking to find alignment between their minds, bodies, spirits, their communities, the Earth, and cosmic cycles.

She is an inter-disciplinary artist, scientist, and researcher whose focus is the intersection between post-colonial hybridity and creolization theories, food system sustainability, social and cultural change, holistic health and wellness, and traditional healing systems, with an emphasis on those in/from African and Caribbean Diasporas.

She has a PhD in Environmental Studies from Antioch University New England and an MPhil in International Peace Studies from Trinity College Dublin. She is the author of The Moonflower Room: A Poetic Cookbook from The Bahamas and the poetry compilation Emancipation: I am my own creation. You can learn more about her work and the Institute for Earth-Based Living at and follow her on Instagram at @drhilarybooker