Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless, Inc. Charity Fundraising to Launch at 2023 Mobile Salon Expo at Texas State Fair Park Automobile Building

 Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless, Inc. “HHH Charity,” a Texas Registered Non-Profit based in Dallas, Texas since 2008, has already partnered with Mobalon Inc to complete the actual manufacturing of the mobile salons. Mobalon Inc will organize, train and schedule the professional barbers and stylists who will provide services to the helpless and homeless. The units have the capability to serve 365 days a year.

At this time, HHH Charity is reaching out to all like-minded individuals and groups who understand the depth and psychological effect a simple haircut or any hair service has on a person who is downtrodden. The director of Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless, Inc., Ronnie Mac, provided haircuts and hair services to the helpless and homeless when he received his professional master barber license over 25 years ago. He packed up his tools to meet these individuals in need where they were. Mr. Mac’s motto has always been, “When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do good.”

Mr. Mac recognized the service he provided went well beyond the simple act. While in the chair, there is a unique opportunity to have deep discussions with the individuals in need to not only learn the reasons these individuals had reached such a devastating point in their lives but to gain more insight into the types of assistance they needed to create real change and become a productive member of society once again.

Haircuts for the Helpless and Homeless, Inc.’s mission is to bring the needed solutions directly to the helpless and homeless via mobile salons. The solutions range from hair services, donated clothes, donated food, access to workforce training, assistance finding a job, and even referrals to rehabilitation. HHH Charity is looking to raise $10 million by December 31, 2022, to launch a fleet of 100 mobile salon units at the 2023 Mobile Salon Expo to be held at Dallas’ Texas State Fair Park Automobile Building on May 7-8, 2023. Tickets to this event are being sold at and donations can be made at

All interested parties (donators, partners, media) can reach Mr. Ronnie Mac, also known as Mr. Hair Art “Coach” directly at (800) 406-7711, ext. 1 or by email at

Mobalon Inc

Ronnie Mac aka Mr. Hair Art “COACH”

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