Watch Out for Harmful Algal Blooms This Fourth of July Holiday Weekend

 Health advisories are up at lakes and waterways across the country, where outbreaks of harmful algae known as cyanobacteria are keeping people and pets out of the water. Summer is prime season for toxic algae, which flourish in warmer temperatures when pollutants are present in the water.

Harmful algal blooms are a growing global threat, producing dangerous toxins that can sicken or even kill people and pets, hurt property values, and damage businesses, livelihoods, and economies. Climate change is escalating outbreaks and increasing levels of toxicity worldwide.

“Our warming planet and increasing concentrations of nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen are producing a growing number of harmful algal blooms in water bodies worldwide,” said Dr. Gad Weiss, Director of Information at BlueGreen Water Technologies. “More severe and more frequent droughts are another cause.”

From Florida to California to the Great Lakes, outbreaks of toxic algae are a major environmental problem in all 50 states.

Water scientists with BlueGreen Water Technologies (BlueGreen) have been successfully eliminating toxic algae from water bodies around the globe by using a unique, floating, time release algaecide that eliminates toxic species and restores the health and biodiversity of the aquatic environment.

“After years of research, we have learned how to treat these blooms by surgically targeting the toxic cyanobacteria,” said Dr. Moshe Harel, BlueGreen CSO. “Our product has a biodegradable coating which allows it to float on the surface of the water. This enables faster contact with cyanobacterial populations. We don’t need to pump gallons of treatment into the water to get the job done.”

To protect your family and pets from harmful algal blooms this summer:

– Know before you go. Check for advisories before you head to the lake and avoid contact with the water when warnings are posted.

– Stay out if the water is discolored, smells bad, or has foam or scum on the surface.

– Do not fish, boat, or play water sports when harmful algae are present.

– Keep pets out of the water to reduce their chances of getting sick.

When in doubt, stay out.

About BlueGreen Water Technologies:

BlueGreen Water Technologies is leading the charge in helping preserve and promote life on Earth. We are restoring, safeguarding, and optimizing the health, safety, accessibility, and biodiversity of waterbodies worldwide – including their wildlife, aquatic life, ecosystems, and economies – by pioneering and applying proven scientific ingenuity and deep tech solutions. BlueGreen is the first and only company in the world to develop, obtain regulatory approval for, and commercialize a technology suite that reverses the effects of climate change in water bodies and drastically reduces greenhouse gas levels. The multidisciplinary team of BlueGreen experts is exposing the secrets of lakes and oceans – detecting, analyzing, preventing and remediating some of the most complex and dynamic problems that plague the world’s water systems.

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