A Firm Handshake Between Friends: Gaines and Verbica Endorse Each Other’s Campaigns

 Ted Gaines, Board of Equalization (“BOE”), District 1, and Peter Coe Verbica, CAGOP State Delegate and candidate for the Board of Equalization, District 2, exchange endorsements for each other’s campaigns. Gaines describes it as “a firm handshake between friends.”

“Ted is a proven leader who’s consistently taken a stand against wasteful spending, high taxes and burdensome regulations,” says Verbica. “And, we’re both fifth generation California natives. We care about our state and believe in its future.”

Gaines is optimistic about having Verbica join the BOE Board: “Pete’s a fiscal conservative and we need that kind of approach to counter Sacramento politicians’ tax-and-spend attitude. And, with no incumbent running for the office, now is a great time for Pete to be elected.”

“Anyone who’s had a conversation with Ted knows that he’s principled and a man with unerring convictions,” says Verbica. “He puts the people of California first and I’m looking forward to the opportunity of serving with him.”

For more information, please go to www.tedgaines.com or www.peterverbica.com.

Peter Coe Verbica for Board of Equalization District 2

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