Grant Handgis Invites Everyone to Explore Femininity and Womanhood in the Launch of his Book “Teeny Tiny Tammy”


“The Story of Teeny Tiny Tammy” is a fictional tale that follows a little girl whose mother was taken away when she was a child. She was left to forge her own path to womanhood with the help of three female figures from the “Contrariest Forest.” Tammy is only six inches tall, but she learns the attributes that lead to womanhood from the cloister of women she meets along the way. The “Contrariest Forest” is the starting point for a girl’s search to becoming a woman, as well as a location where difficulties are solved and ambitions realized. The roster of characters includes Tammy’s cloister of women, gnomes, fairies, and a troublesome Troll. A story for young girls about legendary woodlands and learning about the characteristics of womanhood, with the solution coming from inside.


The book was created for Grant’s little daughter who at the time, embodied Tammy’s characteristics. The author holds this story in high regard for obvious reasons. The story was completely made up when it first began but has grown into something more after thirty years, integrating life lessons and information learned over the years, changing the fanciful tale into a story of an old discipline being rediscovered. The author’s purpose was to describe the trip that every young girl goes on in her quest for finding the ‘sacred feminine’ spirit, in the age-old lesson of becoming a woman—it’s a story about empowerment, and self-discovery.


Explore the tiny world of a tiny girl with a giant heart and determination.


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The Story of Teeny Tiny Tammy

Author: Grant M. Handgis

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Published Date: January 2022

Book Genre: Children’s Book


About the Author:


The author of this book also has five other books in print: Two books of poetry, “In The Age of Youth”, and “Living On Dreams”, as well as two satirical memoirs, “I Have Mine…Show Me Yours” and “Waking Up Naked”. The most recent book is a traveler’s guide to living in Mexico. Christine Mach-Handgis, was the watercolor artist and illustrator of “Teeny Tiny Tammy.” The Story of “Teeny Tiny Tammy” is the culmination of thirty years of perspective, penned from the original fairytale theme. It remains one of the best writing moments of the author’s life.