Hanasan, a Korean Professional Manufacturer of Wooden Furniture for Pets is Expanding Its Business in the Global Market

Hanasan is an environment-friendly enterprise that uses natural wood for all pet furniture products. Its main brand is “LUXYPET”, which pursues the image of premium companion animal furniture.

Established as a wooden pet furniture company in 2011, it produces a range of products including Wooden Pet Dish, Wooden Pet Bed, Wooden Pet Step and Wooden Cat Tower.

Their furniture is waterproof and eco-friendly, with the humidity controlling functionality unique to solid pine wood. Each piece can be cleaned with water and provides a comfortable environment for pets.

The Cat Tower is built using eco-friendly birch and pine, and the height of steps can be adjusted according to the growth of cats. Hardwood Cat Pole, made using eco-friendly pine, ensures a safe eco-friendly environment for pets.

‘LUXYPET’ is 100% made in Korea through direct production, with special, custom-made pet furniture is also available.

The Korean pet wood furniture manufacturer, foresees itself taking a significant share of the global market.